Valerie   Texas, United States
If you're going to send me an invite please comment below saying why, or at least respond to my message asking when accepted. Otherwise I'll probably just remove you after a few days.

I'm also the best MvM player ever because I own all the speedruns, or something like that.

Not that it matters, but for the curious...

Medigun - Two Cities
Minigun - Two Cities
Blutsauger - Two Cities
Black Box -Two Cities
Medigun - Two Cities
Force-A-Nature - Two Cities
Scattergun -Two Cities
Rocket Launcher - Two Cities
Force-A-Nature - Gear Grinder
Scattergun - Gear Grinder
Sniper Rifle - Mecha Engine
Rocket Launcher - Steel Trap
Flamethrower - Mecha Engine
Minigun - Two Cities
Stickybomb Launcher - Two Cities
Force-A-Nature - Mecha Engine
Grenade Launcher - Two Cities
Sniper Rifle - Two Cities
Axtinguisher - Two Cities
Axtinguisher - Two Cities
Sniper Rifle - Mecha Engine
Minigun - Two Cities
Grenade Launcher - Two Cities
Rocket Launcher - Mecha Engine
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Scoutfingers Sep 7 @ 12:18pm 
Two Cities is too cancer. Save us please
Deathrowboat Aug 28 @ 7:47pm 
Only if they work my job and pay my bills first.
kandie Aug 28 @ 7:06pm 
Scoutfingers says I should sue you for not playing mecha with me!
Requiem Aug 18 @ 6:30am 
Added because you seem like a guud heavy xd
ChaoticAngel Jul 31 @ 7:35pm 
I'm adding you for access to Sig's stuff, and you also seem like an expert at this kind of stuff. Also seem like a nice person overall.
Spectral Metaladon Jul 23 @ 8:08pm 
I'm adding you because you have acess to Sigsev's server files, and I'd like to be able to ask for demos from the server from time to time. Also, MVM questions!