The toil of war only keeps being higher and higher, and so the fury towards the Combine and their collaborators. They will not escape judgement. They will pay with blood.

The Combine occupants have tried to doxx me, stalk me, and sell me out to the Combine itself - but they have chickened out when I stood back, knowing they are the real cowards and unable to have empathy or humanity left in order to save their dignity. You can try, but I will keep notes and make sure it is you who will be citated for malcompliance.

I will not surrender. I will not fall. The Combines will pay for their crimes against humanity...And they will pay dearly, but once you become a Combine will remain as one and cannot turn back. Only verdicts will be the answer to them, and they will not get out unpunished.

Important: Due to ongoing situation, us rebels are forced to be on high alert, which also means heightened emotions, so do understand if I respond harshly, due to fact we are suffering from Combine occupation, and people are not going to leave us alone till we are all dead - so do your best to support the rebels with military and financial aid. Our future depends on you, citizens! Without your assistance, the Combine will crush us and will eventually attempt to destroy you as well, so do not let them any chances. And if you collaborate with Combine by inaction or otherwise...then you will not be spared when the time for tribunal comes.

Disclaimer: I am not uploading mods to third party websites unless specified. Do not reupload them either without my explicit permission. I had to write this because of ignorant users who fail to understand my points, only to blame me for their idiocy. And users who think they can get away with theft if they just rename the effort - but I will notice, and do everything in my power to not let that go unnoticed.

Note: DO NOT advert your crappy websites on my profile. I will have to report you if I find you doing so. I had several ignorant folk doing this and I follow the general law - so don't think I will give you free profit. I don't want folk to get the wrong idea and don't post your whining about how I beaten you in a game either.
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Replaces common and uncommon infected with GTA SA characters, ranging from Ballas gang(as commons)to Family Groove street(as uncommons). Works for Last Stand.

Models by Bullseye: - addon whi
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Created by - imelman
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I bought this game just to write a review how Digital Homicide is well known for making scams.
The Slaughtering Grounds made by you is very amusing,ins't it? Very copyright breaking and buggy to hell. So this one is also buggy. Poor inspiration,bad controls,STOLEN Unity assets(basically every element in this game is pre-purschaed/stolen)and eye-blinding colorurs found in this game made me sick. The models from this game:!/content/11675!/content/19176!/content/13533
Oh,and review as well:
Lets hope this and the TSG will get pulled of Steam. As well the A New Reckoning This game's dev is even more crazy.
Devs,please just understand ALL complainants like me,and please stop making asset flip games. And just learn to make good ones. I wish you luck,but seeing how you *ingore* them,we have no choice,but to blame. Sorry for confusion and wars i could created,but if people complain about it,do what they say.
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So it shall be, my now retired and also dangerously unstable trading game.
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Alex_D #NoWar Dec 18, 2022 @ 4:14am 
Look, if you need time to do whatever, take your time. The sole fact you just disappeared with zero warning is sore enough.
imelman Dec 18, 2022 @ 4:10am 
Oh and you haven't done anything to deserve my spite yet, so its not too late to reconcile with me anyways...I didn't wanted to offend you, I just had to leave, don't take it too personally. Why people consider ambiguous reasons as a bad thing? Since if I say nothing about it, then it means I have nothing against you. In fact, I can continue sharing any information I get to you, if you want to.
imelman Dec 18, 2022 @ 3:57am 
You know, I felt that modders don't want some underdog like myself at their entourage, because I felt I would only let them down, and you see, people can leave for any reason, only to return later. Which probably I will. So excuse me once again for my poor first impression, and there's people who use their friends list as a "watchlist" of sorts, so there's no reason to be angry, I only get angry if a person who I used to trust turns traitor, while I just left for personal reasons.

Still, my heart is cold right now, and after hearing bad news from whichever new friends/trainees I got as a result of my efforts, its not too long until I meet my timely demise...
imelman Dec 18, 2022 @ 3:45am 
And, its not unknown to reconcile after all, you just have to wait until there's right time for it, since right now, I am not worthy for anyone at the moment. Do understand that, for I am truly sorry that my poor choice of words has resulted in this.
imelman Dec 18, 2022 @ 3:41am 
I haven't betrayed you. I just left. Do understand that thing, maybe time will tell if there's work coming up to do. After all, its not your fault or mine, it was fate that made me leave. It could be an accident or deliberate, but always remember that fate forces to do splits, sometimes temporary, sometimes permanent.
Alex_D #NoWar Dec 18, 2022 @ 3:30am 
You want to find people that understand you and once you do, you are not satisfied that they only understand 95,5% of your troubles. You get under people's skin (my skin), exchanging sensitive, almost intimate details about your life and dreams, and then you just quit on a whim without leaving a note, essentially leaving people (me) on the receiving end feel betrayed for no reason. Get your ♥♥♥♥ together. Creative differences? No longer useful to you? Should I even tell you precisely why you have so few friends? You drive them away, yourself. How can you find friends when you willingly part with those you already have?

You are not a noble warrior you see yourself as. You are a coward. You can't even confront your inner demons and your friends; what chances against your enemies do you think you have?