Hell breaks loose, for the fact I will keep fighting till my demise. I have been through hard times, be it scam attempts, endless assaults, data leaks and shadow activites of enemies, yet nothing has broke me - I won't surrender without a fight to the death.

I will work hard to regain momentum, the things that kept me alive in previous decade and made me strong, while ensuring my enemies will fall by any means nessecary.
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Replaces common and uncommon infected with GTA SA characters, ranging from Ballas gang(as commons)to Family Groove street(as uncommons). Works for Last Stand. Models by Bullseye: - addon whic
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Created by - imelman
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I bought this game just to write a review how Digital Homicide is well known for making scams.
The Slaughtering Grounds made by you is very amusing,ins't it? Very copyright breaking and buggy to hell. So this one is also buggy. Poor inspiration,bad controls,STOLEN Unity assets(basically every element in this game is pre-purschaed/stolen)and eye-blinding colorurs found in this game made me sick. The models from this game:!/content/11675!/content/19176!/content/13533
Oh,and review as well:
Lets hope this and the TSG will get pulled of Steam. As well the A New Reckoning This game's dev is even more crazy.
Devs,please just understand ALL complainants like me,and please stop making asset flip games. And just learn to make good ones. I wish you luck,but seeing how you *ingore* them,we have no choice,but to blame. Sorry for confusion and wars i could created,but if people complain about it,do what they say.
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Now I have to be extra careful about trading, due to threat of scammers and other awful people around...Don't dare try to breach my defense or my goods ever again.
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The_OC_Maniac May 15 @ 12:26pm 
Hello. I came across this profile in the Steam Workshop and noticed that some of your submissions were commission pieces. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to request your services for one.
Ситников Роман Apr 29 @ 3:24am 
imelman Apr 29 @ 1:40am 
Another loyalist filth comes out of woodwork to strain our righteous cause? We'll put you to the sword, cowards. Sooner or later, we'll emerge victorious, and your crimes will land you a life sentence or execution for killing many of our brave warriors reclaiming their homeland from you invader hordes.
Ситников Роман Apr 29 @ 1:09am 
en9i Jan 6 @ 1:38pm 
Hello buddy, I noticed that you are very skillful at importing modifications from l4d2 into gmod. I am making a request and do not harbor any selfish or malicious intentions. I will be grateful if you make this model)
夹心❤饼干 Dec 31, 2023 @ 8:15am 
happy new year!