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One of the remnants of War Metal Tyrant before the devs turned out to follow mobile game trends to get more easy money and betraying their fans along with true F2P model of a card game.

Note: DO NOT advert your crappy websites on my profile. I will have to report you if I find you doing so. I had several ignorant folk doing this and I follow the general law - so don't think I will give you free profit. I don't want folk to get the wrong idea and don't post your whining about how I beaten you in a game either.
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Replaces common and uncommon infected with GTA SA characters, ranging from Ballas gang(as commons)to Family Groove street(as uncommons). Works for Last Stand.

Models by Bullseye: - addon whi
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Created by - imelman
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I bought this game just to write a review how Digital Homicide is well known for making scams.
The Slaughtering Grounds made by you is very amusing,ins't it? Very copyright breaking and buggy to hell. So this one is also buggy. Poor inspiration,bad controls,STOLEN Unity assets(basically every element in this game is pre-purschaed/stolen)and eye-blinding colorurs found in this game made me sick. The models from this game:!/content/11675!/content/19176!/content/13533
Oh,and review as well:
Lets hope this and the TSG will get pulled of Steam. As well the A New Reckoning This game's dev is even more crazy.
Devs,please just understand ALL complainants like me,and please stop making asset flip games. And just learn to make good ones. I wish you luck,but seeing how you *ingore* them,we have no choice,but to blame. Sorry for confusion and wars i could created,but if people complain about it,do what they say.
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So it shall be, my now retired and also dangerously unstable trading game.

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RFGCRebelAlpha Jun 28 @ 7:26am 
I've read some of your threads about Call To Arms. Can definitely agree it's P2W.

Pre-releasing overpowered, more capable unbalanced/unrealistic items to players who just paid more = P2W.
Laink May 15 @ 12:42pm 
You got Mail
wheat (but scary!!!!) Dec 3, 2020 @ 11:51am 
Hey, can you please make a replacement for the IKEA OTA units? thanks!
James Nov 11, 2020 @ 9:44pm 
imelman Jul 23, 2020 @ 7:24am 
@終夢 In general, not limited to DST, I try my pull of weight to ensure my allies(not necessarily friends)will be pleased with my effort, so from my experience, the ones that usually get votekicked(and rightfully so)are not people who cannot talk(certain folk roleplay as Wes), but those who are dead weight, like those who come only to talk nonstop, eating food and wasting resources - people most of the time won't have a bone with you as long you do your job, even if you are not the best at such. If someone makes a mistake - they are forgiven, assuming the mistake isn't big.

On topic of server I was in - I was at base making sanity leafy meat dish, and at same time votekick was initiated after the first person got kicked, I was as well - and people got disconnected, resulting in vote being 0/1, but I decided to leave on my own accord - just to clarify what happened to avoid confusion.

I never expected you to stand for me, but you have my thanks from a small content creator.
浅の诗 Jul 23, 2020 @ 4:16am 
I am sorry, I don’t know why they did that. I have explained the situation to them. They didn’t do it on purpose. I hope you don’t mind. You can come to play again when you have time.