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7:00 chris_________________: i love the gays
7:00 chris_________________: all of em

newjuls : i also have several galons of cum

13:50 - 「Shiken」: That is very sex


ridge: name the 4 gorillaz
Shiken: 2-d, Murdoc, Noodle and black man.

The quote wall of William Fancyson

"You put their lives in danger because of me"

"His command is my wish"

"I miss being 12, where you can do anything to you"

"I can string a sentence together PERFECTLY FINE"

"You forgot the interior" (me)
"Yeah I know I sold my car"


"The are good songs"

"Probably not, probably maybe"


"Heads don't talk normally"

"Sausages are round cylinders"

"He doesn't live here, he just kinda lives here in a way"

"unless i'm your"

"Red cars are made out of paint, so they go faster"

"What's a green cucumber called?" "A cucumber"

Jump maps I've done hurray (JA's tier list)

QuBa, Deserted, Lathy, Onit, Cube, 4Starters,
Sweetnawful, Destination, Destination V2, Benroads2, Jurf2, Wolf,
Obelisk, Noskillrequired B3, Mirage, Lolparty, Nevar, Nights,
Annex V5, Prism, Rope, Vex, Bouncehop, Everest,
Taylor Swift, Kin, Ofthehats,

Bear, Kusok, Apex, Azure, Finite, iT,
Legion, 4dakids, Yona, Valley, Pharaoh, Ddpls,
Soar, Ante, Stella V2, Manitou, Aviator, Minecraftia, Recall, Pandemonium V3,

Lion, Fauvism, Gateway, Aigis, Vulc
I don't trade

Current Roles:
NHBL Commentator, Statistician
Essentials.tf Euro tournament admin

Age: 18

Gamer Specs:
CPU - I5-8600K
MB - MSI Z370 A Pro
GPU - GTX 1070 Mini
CPUC - CM Hyper 212 Evo
RAM - Gskill Ripjaws 16GB

Gamer Gear:
Mic - Rode NT-USB
Keyboard - Corsair K70 LUX Red
Headphones - Sennheiser HD 300
Mouse - LT G502 Hero
Monitor - ASUS VG248QE

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5,771 hrs on record
last played on Jul 6
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