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I'm Marco, an ITALIAN VR Developer and old school PC gamer (:neildeal:). :evafacepalm:
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A few facts about me:

- I'm Marco, 31 years old, ITALIAN, but I live in the UK at the moment!
- My favourite games ever: STALKER trilogy, FF VIII, METRO trilogy, Life Is Strange, Bioshock: Infinite, To the Moon
- I hate anime games.
- Sonic 2 is the first videogame I've ever played.
- MDK is the first videogame I've ever played on PC.
- Electronic Arts hater. BIG, hater. Like very big hater.
- Big fan of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series (not Fallout 76!!).

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What I'm going to write in this review is purely my opinion I have of METRO Exodus, after I played and finished the base game story and many optional things. It is very likely that you won't agree with the things I'll say, since it's been proved I have a different conception of the entire METRO series from most of the videogamers out there.
I also have read the books: METRO 2033, 2034, 2035, if you have questions, please leave a comment below.


In Metro Exodus we have a complete innovation of the entire franchise.
Guys at "4A Games" decided to go ALL IN, changing almost completely the setup of the previous METRO games, offering a few semi-open world maps combined with some new graphic features, including the all new nVidia RayTracing technology, which is absolutely stunning on ULTRA Quality.

The game feels so immersive, which is the main positive thing of the entire game, and combined with the perfect soundtrack made by Alexey Omelchuk (great musician), makes the entire experience really something else, especially for fans of the METRO franchise.

Characters are so well made, giving options to the player to know more about them, or simply know the basics to follow and enjoy the story line. Enemies are also different in each map and location, and some of them will really offer you a good challenge and killing them isn't always the best option, this because Metro Exodus is not really a shooter, but a Survival Game, that will force you to take care of your ammunition, weapons, and your armor.
You will need to craft your ammo if necessary, clean your weapon if it starts to get a bit rusty, and craft your own medikits and mask filters. All these items are not available in large quantity across the maps, and in most cases you're forced to loot around to gather the essential items to survive, which can give you a sense of frustration if you prefer action games like Rage 2, for example.
The customization of each weapon is really well made, giving the change to the player to create tons of different combination, starting just from a selection of almost 10 different base weapons.
Another important aspect of the game, is that your choices will change the progression of the game.
A bad action during your gameplay can cause the death of one of your crew members, for example, and the majority of your actions can lead to two different endings.
Tons of collectibles are available accross the map, that will give you some extra lore, and sometimes some extra items useful to proceed in the game.
The graphic isn't exceptional or perfect, but it is very good indeed and very well enjoyable especially if you are lucky to have the possibility to turn on the Ray Tracing on ULTRA. If you love to explore and you're a fan of the post apocalyptic environment, you will have TONS of chances to make some great screenshots, that's guaranteed.

A "New Game+" option is available at the end of the game, and new dlcs are coming thanks to the expansion pass.

A new chapter of Metro will arrive in the next years with new stories to come.


METRO Exodus isn't a game for everyone. But instead, for quite a few I would say.
It wasn't even nominated to most of the game awards of 2019, and imho it was very bad damaged thanks to EPIC GAMES, since it was the first title to have this kind of "exclusiveness" of their platform.

But it is indeed one of my favourite games I've ever played, for the immersion and the feelings I had playing it, the fun I had to listen their conversations (which most of them are optional), and the excitement I had to proceed towards each single side and main quest, and in each location of the maps.

It is my GAME OF THE YEAR 2019.

"To leave without hope... to cease to live.."
(Fyodor Dostoyevsky)
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