Heros                       Südstadt,   Karlsruhe, Baden-Wrttemberg, Germany
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Unbelievably Important Infobox! (Updated 20.10.2018)
If you have been deleted, this could have been because one of the following reasons:
:BR_Shield: Be in my Community Group
:BR_Shield: Have no (recent) VAC-, Game-, Trade- or Steamrep Bans
:BR_Shield: Have no sons of bitches in your friendslist
:BR_Shield: Have your profile always set to public (Private profiles will be blocked!)
:BR_Shield: I need to have a clue of who you are
:BR_Shield: You should have logged in within 21 days

:em_skull: 9 LEVELS => 340 Left!
:bsupgrade: Costs per level at my current level: ~3€


:downvoted: I do NOT tolerate any advertising/begging comments on my Profile

:lionsden: Always watch out for scammers! It does not mean that all people in my friendslist are legit just because I'm friends with them, this counts also for people's profiles I've signed!

:greysuit: Feel free to post anything on my profile that you think i should know about or just want to tell me something, you can spread out your heart in the comment section, no matter what it is! I'm always happy, if I receive comments :sfsmug:

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:nuker: All trades are final

:bbtgem: Forgive me if I accidentally block your account! If so, just comment in my Community Group

:joeyhat: Steam DB [steamdb.info]

Personal Stuff

:killenemy: Name: Heros Hajetschek
:killenemy: Birthday: 27.12.1999 (See below)
:killenemy: Age: 18 (See above)
:killenemy: Height: 1.75m
:killenemy: Gender: Male
:killenemy: Nationality: German
:killenemy: Languages: German, English, (minor/school) Spanish
:killenemy: Sexual Orientation: Hetero

Social Stuff

:icon: I do Sign profiles ! If requested
:icon: PREVIEW: :killenemy: Signed by Heros5k :killenemy:
:icon: Make sure you're in my Community Group when requesting a Sign!

Tournament History

:ucscompass: #1 OPERATION SCHWEINEAIMCUP - GuteLauneTeam (Screa | Sui | ACTiV | ShotForFun | Heros5k)

Steam States

:arkback: Online - I receive every message you send
:arkback: Away - I'm away so I will not notice your message until I come back.
:arkback: Busy - As it already says.. I am currently busy and probably won't answer.
:arkback: In-Game - I will receive messages and I will answer them as soon as possible.
:arkback: Offline - I will immediately read messages, which have been sent while I was offline, as soon as I'm back online again
:tam_tam: Inviting to Games: Please do not invite me to any of your games. (I can get very angry if you continue)

Social Pages

:missioncount: My Steam Community
:missioncount: YouTube
:missioncount: Twitch [www.twitch.tv]
:missioncount: Instagram [www.instagram.com]
:missioncount: Twitter (Since Oct. 2011)
:missioncount: Spotify Playlist [play.spotify.com]
:missioncount: Snapchat: Heros5k

Moderating following channels on Twitch

:shsword: bibaboy [twitch.tv]
:shsword: iLoveCookiiezz [twitch.tv]
:shsword: ThaaJeff [twitch.tv]
:colonistdiary: and more [twitchstuff.3v.fi]
:deltacomplex: (Total 24)

Active Twitch Subs

:ReadInstructions: bibaboy
:ReadInstructions: homerinhoTV
:ReadInstructions: memotvde
:ReadInstructions: Noshida
:ReadInstructions: Real_Flash
:ReadInstructions: Selphy
:ReadInstructions: syrinxx1337

Expired Twitch Subs

:abuskull: anomalyXd x3
:abuskull: anyNoobStream
:abuskull: bibaboy x47
:abuskull: de_sTaR
:abuskull: define2k14
:abuskull: DonaSpock x8
:abuskull: headonTV x2
:abuskull: iLoveCookiiezz x4
:abuskull: Kano
:abuskull: kRYSTAL x2
:abuskull: Kynan383
:abuskull: Maihopawango
:abuskull: memotvde x3
:abuskull: nookyyy
:abuskull: ONSCREEN x3
:abuskull: orangemorange x3
:abuskull: shpendiboy x21
:abuskull: SinoLive x2
:abuskull: syrinxx1337 x14
:abuskull: TrilluXeLive
:abuskull: TomRavach x2
:abuskull: ungespielt
:abuskull: WubWoofWolf x4

Gaming Stuff

Other Clients and Game Profiles

:CosmicCoin: Battle.net : Heros5k#2141
:CosmicCoin: Origin: Heros5k
:CosmicCoin: Bethesda: Heros5k
:CosmicCoin: Uplay: Heros5k.
:CosmicCoin: Epic Games: Heros5k

:p2aperture: Osu! Profile [osu.ppy.sh]

PC Specs & Equipment

:fod2star: CPU: Intel Core I7-4790K
:fod2star: GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960
:fod2star: RAM: 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR3

:TakeMe: Keyboard: SteelSeries Apex M500
:TakeMe: Monitor: EIZO Foris FG2421
:TakeMe: Headset: Hyper X Cloud II
:WhatGlitch: Mouse: TBD


:apothekineticist: Lowest Matchmaking Rank: Gold Nova II
:apothekineticist: First Matchmaking Rank: Gold Nova II
:apothekineticist: Highest Matchmaking Rank: The Global Elite
:apothekineticist: Current Matchmaking Rank: The Global Elite

:forgician: History of Ranks before achieving The Global Elite: (Bravo) gn2, gn3, gnm, gn3, gnm, gn3, gnm, mg1, mg2, mg1, mg2, mge, mg2, mge, mg2, mg1, mg2, mge, mg2, mge, dmg, mge, mg2, mg1, mg2, mg1, mg2, mg1, mg2, mge, mg2, mg1, mg2, mg1, mg2, mge, mg2, mge, dmg, le, dmg, le, lem, smfc, Unranked, lem, Unranked, le, Unranked, le, lem, smfc, GE, (Wildfire)

:penny: Reached The Global Elite 7th September 18:56 2015, at the 300th Matchmaking Win

Alternate CSGO Related Profiles

:rune: ESEA [play.esea.net]
:rune: FACEIT [www.faceit.com]
:rune: CME [www.cme.gg]
:rune: CEVO [cevo.com]
:rune: ESL [play.eslgaming.com]


:abs_surprised: Lowest ESEA Rank: C-
:abs_surprised: First ESEA Rank: C-
:abs_surprised: Highest ESEA Rank: A-
:abs_surprised: Current ESEA Rank: A-

:abs_happy: History of Ranks: C-,C,C+,C,C+,B-,B,B-,B,B+,B,B+,B,B+,A-,B+, A-

:soviet: - RWS -
:notime1: August, 16: 10.34
:notime1: November, 16: 13.22
:notime1: December, 16: 11.42
:notime1: January, 17: 13.08
:notime1: February, 17: 12.03
:notime1: March, 17: 12.05


:ai_flare: Current Level/ELO: 10/2023
:ai_flare: Peaked ELO: 2023
:The_Green_Crate_: Reached Level 10 with 94 Matches
Workshop Showcase
This is a Trophy!
The resulting, when I got this Rank.
And confirms that at present this is my real rank.

As i did with Supreme Master First Class.
Next work in series "CS:GO RANKs". Modeling in Maya and Zbrush.
I hope you like, I try to do someth
Created by - SerQ★
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Created by - fox and FRiZZoh. ☁
Knife guide explaining the variety of skin patterns available in CS:GO.
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411 Hours played
Even though it is a really old game, it's always fun to play. It's the basis for most of the shooters out there, and a basis for modding. It's something you can play 24/7 and it never gets boring, ever. It has one of the best communities out there and of course - if Half-Life didn't exist, Counter-Strike wouldn't be :)
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x G r e e N z 15 hours ago 
Danke :) <3
Cunt Hunter Nov 14 @ 11:57am 
So jetzt müsste das profil öffentlich sein. aber bitte auf dem profil https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ringelinger/ sign <3
¡.Heros5k Nov 14 @ 6:33am 
Comments sind private. :)
Cunt Hunter Nov 13 @ 1:19pm 
Ich bin mit dir auf twitch befreundet!!! also überleg dir das genau ! :D
Cunt Hunter Nov 13 @ 1:18pm 
Heros du kuhler boi, Magst mein profil sign ? <3 https://steamcommunity.com/id/Ringelinger/
Pretty fucking god official Nov 12 @ 7:55am 
Sing plz<33