Alessandro   Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Klockan kan vara hur mycket som helst,
det kan vara vilken veckodag som helst;
jag vet inte, jag bryr mig inte.
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If you see something you want to trade, I'd be very happy to do an exchange!
Feel free to check my SteamRep profile of course :)) http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198356141989
Feel free to browse my coupons too! If you want to open trades and give me some gems or a card I'm always happy to accept everything, but all the coupons are always for free :) It's been some months that I donate all of them to the Coupon Dumpster group <3 https://steamcommunity.com/groups/coupondumpster
Steam trade offer link (1:1, same set, usual common rules) -> https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=395876261&token=FJYDzwI- - I don't care about the value of the single cards, so I'm always open to 1:1 exchanges from the same set even if I don't have a duplicate, just don't make 2:1 trades or such =P
I'm present and active on SteamGifts - http://www.steamgifts.com/user/helevorn23 - check me out! I'm on my way to contributor level 10 =P
I buy tons of bundles, but I gift/giveaway almost all of them and I'm happy with it, so follow me on SteamGifts if you like! I'm not a game collector, I just buy/own/trade games with achievements and cards on Steam xD That's why I don't have that many games here. I'm collecting games with both achievements and cards, but if they have achievements only it's still ok - cards only, or nothing: you won't find a single one of them in my account ahah :') I played too many games in my life and I don't want to have a library full of games I'll never play! xD
And of course I also use Steam Trade Matcher in order to exchange double cards or do 1:1 trades :) Well, just in case you couldn't tell, I love trading cards xD
My inventory is always public. Thanks everyone!
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Something about myself :)
Hi, everyone! Here you have my NO MORE UPDATED, old biography that I hope is still useful on every point anyways =P

Ok, I'm not good at making friends and more than all maintain long-term relationships but I swear that it's been an entire life that I'm trying to improve my social skills xD
I accept every friend invite, and I don't like that much to have to extensively answer for my own requests.. for if I want to be friend with you, it's because you write great reviews, you make great guides, you have tons of achievements and so I can learn from you, you play great games and so on! You're great!! :) You may just be an interesting player, and most of all a great person with lots to share! I love to have new friends, I love to learn and hear new things and I'm sure that if I want to be friend with you, you're awesome and you did or have been doing something great :steamhappy:
I am aware that I don't answer often to messages. That's because I'm often idling, I leave my pcs on for the whole day (I've got Steam on 6 PCs so that I can play offline and such), or simply I'm overly depressed or worse. So, really, sorry all.
I've got my own profile on Kongregate [kongregate.com] if you like Flash games! Please pay a visit to my Kongregate page, I'm active every day there!!
And if you want take a look to my reviews too, I spend lots of time on writing them in order to be useful to everyone and make you smile also a bit :')
(And we also run a lot of games through the Steam Family Library Sharing xD check out my girlfriend's profile <3)

Here you will find my Steam games completed with 100% achievements :)


I will be very happy if this list turns out to be useful to some of you who want to find new games to complete, like I did thanks to all of my Steam friends! :)
Bear in mind that free-to-play games are NOT counted in the games sections and they don't appear in the library, so this list can also be useful in order to show all the free games I played :3
Also, keep into account that in my list there are some games that have been removed from Steam for various reasons throughout the years, so I'm sorry if you can't find them :(
I am really sorry if I often sound too selfish or individualist, but I don't love multiplayers and I don't want to compete in leaderboards or other websites. I just play in order to kill time because I don't have friends..
The purpose of that list is just to help other players interested to know more about Steam games, their achievements and so on for any reason, I am really not interested into leaderboards :(

My nickname: it was 2004, I had came out of a mental health issue that made me leave school for months, and World of Warcraft came out.. I had to choose a name for my mage, so I opened the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien and randomly found that name, Helevorn, which means "black glass" in Sindarin.

Back to me, I'm Northern Italian and living in my own world with no social connections since the beginning of times.
I was born in the year of the dragon, my mother was a model and my father a lieutenant in the Italian and NATO army later turned into a freelance photographer and semi-professional tennis player.
I took from them just special shamrock green eyes and freckles XD
I've got two academical degrees, one in anthropology/extra-european studies and the other one in history, with top marks.
I have also been writing novels and poems since I was a child, and some of them have been published throughout the years..
I speak my dialect fluently (which is very similar to French), and Italian; I also understand some English, Latin, French and Spanish. No other Germanic languages too, I'm really bad when it comes to foreign languages :(
At the university I studied Japanese and after that some Ukrainian and Polish. In high school, I studied as an accountant.
I have always been an agnostic but I sometimes define myself as a Buddhist. Someone calls this "nontheistic" or "agnostic Buddhism". I have a very open approach to life in its entirety.

I have been in love with JRPGs since the '90s, but I also love adventure games (text adventures, visual novels), strategy/tactics games and lots of puzzles/logic games! I also enjoy platformers and many others (the more retro/SNES-looking, the better!).. i just don't like multiplayer games (MMORPGs included) and some stealth/combat/shooting games :P
When I was a kid, we Europeans were like in hell among Japan and the States, so the cartridges costed a lot (games could cost even 100/150€/$).. not to speak about the first consoles and PCs. So, I tried to rent and collect many NES/SNES games and worked around the region locking system by using mods and fitting American cartridges in our PAL system.
I played a lot of Donkey Kong, Super Mario/Yoshi, Sonic etc. games (platformers) and an equally bigger lot of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Killer Instinct etc. games (fighting) in that era.. so I think this is the main reason why I am really not attracted anymore by fighting and platformer games, even though I still play some of them when they're good and fit my style.

Since I got surgery three times on my right arm (shoulder, wrist and hand), I can't play that much with consoles so I rely on PC ports and such; fortunately, it seems that the XBOX controller and a very light Trust joypad don't hurt me!! Take always your time! :)
I know that there are thousands of awesome games for consoles nowadays but still for PC we have a lot of them and I'm really satisfied, I don't feel the urge to have a console as long as I can play on my PC :)

I listen to almost any kind of music, and I've been to hundreds of concerts throughout my life. And festivals, of course! Fortunately, Europe is the home of pop, folk, rock and metal gigs!
My favourite singers have always been Amy Lee and Michael Kiske (and Lena Meyer-Landrut too). Favourite bands and groups, I really can't say. I listen virtually to everything apart from jazz (and opera) music. I love hip hop, EDM, many subgenres of metal and rock, many kinds of pop and so on.
My favourite guitarists are Peter Huss, Esa Holopainen and Roland Grapow.
I cheer for K.A.A. Gent!
I also like sports such as tennis, alpine skiing, athletics, swimming, diving and others! :)

I stopped counting my tattoos at 20; many of thems are gaming-related. Tattooing isn't really a passion to me, it's more like an addiction and something beautiful that keeps me occupied. I have been struggling with many mental and physical illnesses since I was a teenager, and it's like a therapy to me.
Of course, I try to look nice and have many different and beautiful designs made by different artists! I'm not the kind of guy that gets tattooed for fashion..
I'm not going to rant about my illnesses, which of course are the heaviest and most time-consuming part of my life since they're physical (muscle/nerve problems on my right arm, chronic pelvic pain syndrome etc.) and also mental (borderline personality disorder, social phobia, agoraphobia, major depressive disorder and so on). I'll just leave them here.

Here on Steam, I am in constant search of new games to complete and enjoy ^^
Thanks a lot for all of you who have given me something here!
And, last thing, don't rely too much on my online played hours here on Steam 'cos quite often (mainly when playing RPGs that require grinding or when I simply idle) I play offline and offline hours aren't counted! I also idle for trading cards a lot and generally I have the Steam client installed on every device of mine so I tend to play a little bit here and there! :)

If you want and like rock/metal music, you can also check my profile on the Metal Archives [www.metal-archives.com] :)
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I honestly can't believe that this game has so few reviews and that they're almost all positive?! XD
Ok, I know I'm famous for being a reviewer of stupid little games, but I hold two academical degrees and I've worked as a metal reviewer for many years.. I also review good RPGs and long titles ç_ç
This thing makes literally no sense.
It's sort of an indie arcade game with a childish musical theme that repeats itself basically every five seconds.
The game doesn't pause in tray and the achievements keep on unlocking at random always in tray but apart from this, on to the game, I wanna review games for what they leaving out achievements and trading cards.
This game starts with an Italian localization for my Italian Steam client, and has a localization for many other languages such as Turkish, Greek, Portuguese and so on.
I keep on believing that these can't be at all machine translations. Every line has an enormous mistake and it can't depend on Google, seriously. I think that there is someone behind all this who loves to harm us poor players who maybe have more than 30 years and have passed many of them studying history, literature and so on. And grammar. Not foreign languages, no, I can't speak English, but if I wrote in my native dialect probably 3 players in the whole Steam universe will comprehend something.
Not that the game needs text at all, but there's lots of text in the game hub page.

Let us translate and view the points:
- Very simple controls. Translation, ok. Matches the game. The menu features only sound and music off and on, restart and menu (which is the same, since there's only one level). Controls are simple: A moves you left, D moves you right. You're a purple monster which basically moves in an EXTREMELY fast way left or right. From the sky you'll receive colorful bubbles - they go to increase your scoreboard, which is useless since there are no levels and such; time bubbles - you start with 20 seconds, and if you manage to stay alive you can increase them; bomb bubbles - instant kill.
- Musica allegra. Sorta strange. If you're into classical music probably you've heard "allegro" before. I never heard that term applied to music before (it's a musical term that regards the speed of the execution, and it means "happy" referring to a person). And no, the music is annoying and repetitive, turn it off after some minutes, trust me.
- Gradualmente aumentando la complessità. In English, this sounds like "increasing gradually the complexity". No. 'Cos due to the extreme speed of the game, you will most likely die after 3 or 4 seconds and on your fifth try you'll be bored that much and won't ever take this game up again. It's already extremely hard in the beginning, since you get lots of bomb bubbles from the sky and you've few seconds, you can try and avoid the bombs but they're an instant kill always, you can't increase your life points. One bomb, instant kill. Don't get me wrong: it isn't -that- hard, since you're extremely fast you can keep on avoiding bombs, every bubble will increase its speed and such but for which reason? The background, the level, the graphics, the bubbles - everything stays the same for the whole game, so why should you play this same level for 30 minutes? I got bored after two minutes when I tried to get some high score.
- Molti successi. Which is probably a strange translation of "lots of achievements" - "successi", as you can imagine, is the plural of the English "success". Anyways yeah, there are 2500+ achievements with no meaning, they unlock one after the other even if you're not playing, completely unrelated to the game.
- Compatible for Windows, Mac, Linux. Ok. Good for you. Not that it's so hard to port this thing on a Commodore64 too I think..

Then, we go on the real text:
"Non avete idea di che cosa fare nel tuo tempo libero? Il tuo piccolo amico che ti aiuterà a aiutarti con il problema, perché devi santire la sua fame infinita. Divertitevi raccogliendo palle colorate e schivando le bombe infame che si sforzano di attaccare il nostro innocente piccolo amico. I controlli sono molto semplici - basta spostare a sinistra oa destra. Inoltre, si deve guardare fuori per il timer e raccogliere cadere orologi per alimentarlo, altrimenti si perde. Ottenere tutti i risultati e raggiungere i migliori punteggi per sconfiggere i tuoi amici!"
So.. you (plural) don't have a clue on what to do in your (singular) spare time? Your little friend that will help you with the problem (sic), since you will have to "santire" (never-heard word that does not exist, I really don't know how they came up with this thing, probably they meant "sanare" - "to heal", or Idk) his infinite hunger. Controls are very simple - just move left or ("oa", they're two different words, "o a", "or at") right. Moreover, one has to look outside ("fuori"? It's on the right upper half of the screen!) for the timer and collect fall (sic) clocks (sic) to feed him, otherwise he'll be lost (well, otherwise you get a game over or an instant bomb kill actually). To obtain every result and to reach the best scores in order to defeat your friends!
I always love to do these things. They fill me with joy.
But were we reviewing the game? Ok.
You're a monster which can move only left or right at a high speed. Balloons will fall from the sky. Colorful ones are points, bomb ones are instant kill, clock ones are more time.
This is the whole game, only one level, one music track, one graphic, one game mode. 2-3 hours of idling to get all the achievements without even playing.
Definitely not worthy of 1€, game-wise.. isn't it? XD
No, kids will be more bored than you after two minutes if you're an adult. Not even for them.
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