Adam Jensen 007
Call me Jensen, Adam Jensen
I am no longer accepting friend requests (inactive) as I am Busy with University! (Scamming Links= insta block! I know all Scam tricks: . Do Not Just ask others to help you, see how you can help them as well. NO longer an achievement hunter. No reason to add= Block.
Have an awesome day
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This Profile is a Tribute to Adam Jensen (Deus ex Human Revolution Hero). He is the most inspiring character which I know of (I am straight :yuukismile:)
Artwork made by opl ❍_❍ veccy

Profile BG? Devil costume

Do you care about Achievements? Yes, I care about Achievements
What Games do you play? I generally play short casual games.
Achievement hunting is about fun for me and a hobby.
Do you care about Gamer Score points? No. I play the games that I like non-competitively.
Do you care about discord? No
Vocab of the day: venust means elegant and beautiful I guess it comes from venus

For Full list of easy games feel free to see my guide. I included the ones on the list that were either very easy or I enjoyed the most :golden: :thumbsupcell:
:golden: 1) Borderlands 2 (First Perfect Games!) :orb::borderlands2::bandit:
:golden: 4) Fall Out New Vegas (One of the best games)
:golden: 5) Carpie Diem
:golden: 6) Written in the sky
:golden: 10) Deus Ex Human Revolution :jcdenton::jcdenton:
:golden: 22) Beach Bounce :minek: :minek:
:golden: 50) Club Life :clubheart: :clubheart: :melissabust:
:golden: 55) It's spring again.
:golden: 100) Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's cut :jcdenton::jcdenton:
:golden: -135) Detective Butler
:golden: -136) Enigmatis 2
:golden: -137) Enigmatis 3
:golden: -200) ElectricScribe
:golden: -201) Achievement Hunter extreme
:golden: -250) Summer Fling
:golden: -300) Bloodfeed
:golden: -400) Civilization 5
:golden: -450) Kingdom Rush
:golden: -500) Kingdom Rush Frontiers (May 17, 2018)
:golden: -555) Plants vs. Zombies (July 22, 2018)
:golden: -600) Bioshock Infinite (Sept 15, 2018) :jcdenton:
:golden: -700) Age of Empires II (Feb 13, 2019) :AOEShield:
April 19, 2018= 500,000 achievements
May 10, 2018= 600, 000 achievements
June 08, 2018= 700,000 achievements
99% completion rate June 19, 2018
July 20th, 2018= 800,000 achievements and 550 perfect games (Trivia Vault: Soccer Trivia)
November 8, 2018 1 Million Steam achievements reached! :golden: :golden:
Dec 16th: 2000 games Warhammer Endtimes
Jan 30,2020: 750 Perfect Game Trivia Vault Movie
To do games (way too busy now)
-sweet fantasy, three nights at the cairo
-Borderlands presequel
-Viki Spotter series
-Kingdom rush origins
-ancient planet TD
-rollingball series
-infested planet or one troll army
-telepathy zero
-alien shooter TD
-regina hope
-epic big bang
Favorite Guide
Created by - Adam Jensen 007
1,085 ratings
Hello Updated for Dec 2020
This guide will focus on:
-1) Games with easy achievements
-2) Medium games that you can achieve and enjoy
-3) Games to avoid with broken achievements or just unfair!
I will mention other topics and will update this guide
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Darius would be Proud. I 100%ed Civ 5
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"Psst! Hey. I Know Who You Are. Hail Sithis!
Part A) Very important: The Non-special edition is hidden from steam store. Here is the link: It is not cheaper anymore because they do not offer discounts on it.
Both the Non-special edition and Special Edition have mods that are Free.

I have over 900 hours on that version!
Console commands on the Non-Special version also do not disable achievements and neither do mods! For the Special Edition you have to install other mods that re-enable achievements (please see below)

Part B) Funny Lines: It has the funniest lines:
"Do You Get To The Cloud District Very Often? Oh, What Am I Saying, Of Course You Don't." I am sure Nazir has not been to the cloud district as well!
"You'll Make A Fine Rug, Cat!" (There is discrimination in Skyrim)
"Those Warriors From Hammerfell? They've Got Curved Swords. Curved. Swords."(I want one!)
"Psst! Hey. I Know Who You Are. Hail Sithis!
Iron Sword Huh? What Are You Killing? Butterflies? I agree with you
Why The Elven Blade, Huh? Nord Steel Not Good Enough For You? My response: Geez why not? It is lighter right?
"If I Had A Sister, I'd Sell Her In A Second" said Belethor. My response: You Greedy Loser!
"By Shor, You're Hauling Around A Lot Of Junk" LOL Junk in the trunk if you play a female character!
Riekling warrior "You Bring Red Grass we Dance". Red Grass? Don't you mean Green Grass?

Part C) One of the best RPGS of all times with the best sound track. When I was under a loss of stress from work and school, I would play this game at night during dinner and it would help me forget my problems. You can get lost in the game for sure and explore the best places in Skyrim. (I have played the non-special version) please see the link above.
Please listen to the soundtrack by Lindsey sterling:
A tip: There are caves where you can hunt vampires down those are my absolutely favs!

Part D) The Non-special edition even ran on my crappy ACER Laptop with Intel HD graphics! So very optimizable!

Part E) My complaint: Stop please with the MMO crap and make the new Elder Scroll VI. A New Elder Scroll is long overdue now. Have you even started working on it? You can make mods in special edition for free (some of them)

Part F) Achievements work. However, apparently mods disable achievements. Please download this engine fix mods (eg: "SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)") which in can also re-enable achievements
Note in the comments someone said: SE is 64 bit and oldrim is 32 which is SE has better performance and it almost never crashes even with over 100 mods.

Part G) With mods amazing scenes! Try this location with mods: eldergleam sanctuary
This is another location here

Better funny lines than Oblivion but these were my favourites
“Why do khajiits lick their butts?” “To get the taste of khajiit cooking out of their mouths! Ha ha ha!”

Owyn (Arena Quatermaster): "I heard a rumor that you're an idiot. Any truth to that?"

I'm Mirabelle Monet. I run the Fo'c's'le, a boarding house for sailors. Sorry, I reserve my beds for seamen

In Short: Skyrim is the Best game ever and do not use Iron swords please!
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