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Deity, Immortal Achievement easy and hard way
By Adam Jensen 007
Hi everyone
This guide will explain how to get Deity, Immortal Achievement using various methods. i will mention both the short cut and the long route.
Note: I have beaten deity the long way a few times. I have made this guide to help those who just want the deity achievement
Note: to get Achievement in Civ 5 make sure you are not using any mods. Additionally, make sure you are connected to the Internet and playing solo.
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Long Traditional way
This is method that you would use if you want to win the game without any advantages.
-If your adjacent neighbour is either Atilla or Shaka, it is best to restart the game. Atilla is very aggressive. Remember he does not need any horses to build horse arachers. Additionally, his battering ram can take your capital in 2-3 hits. While you can survive Atilla, it is best to avoid him.
Note: in one game I had both Atilla and Shaka as my neighbour. They both declared war on me at the same time. I lost the game.
-Focus on building your Science. Rationalism is very important. Artillery makes capturing cities very easy. Use this to your advantage.
-Prioritize your target. Don't declare war just because someone asked you to. For example, you should focus on the AI that has the most wonders in the game to stop them.
-do NOT play on continental maps or huge maps. Why? There is a possibility that an AI could spiral out of control. It may be too late to stop him. For example, one AI could control an entire continent. This can easily happen in the case of Atilla or ashurbanipal.
-Survive early aggression. The best way to do this is to have friendly AI neighbours like Ghandi and Venice. They do not expand and allow you to grow your empire without a hassle.
-Keep your best units alive!!! For example, England in this game had 3 battleships. One battleship can almost 1 shot an artillery. However, since I had 3 artilleries with +1 range, I was able to easily capture London!

If you still cannot beat the game, see the short cut method(s)
Please leave a like, this guide took a while to make. That is all I ask.
Short cut method 2- If method 1 did not work
I got this idea from quill18
I have made some modifications to it
Here is the proof
Go to advanced options:

-1) set the map on duel only 2 players
-2) Difficulty: Deity
-3) Play as the shoshone
-4) Pick your enemy to be Venice
-5) Turn off city states
-6) Set the maximum turn 3. Do NOT exceed 3 turns
-7) Start the game. Make sure you do this:
When a pathfinder picks a ruin, pick the option that adds a citizen to your capital. This method works. You MUST get an ancient ruin by turn 3. If not, restart

Note: You MUST get an ancient ruin and select add citizens!!!!!

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medium route
This again involves the advanced options:
-You should play as either Atilla, Ashurbanipal, Harun Rashid, Genghis Khan
-Your opponent should be Venice (again no City states)
-Set the map on duel only 2 players
-Pick a map with a flat terrain

Recommended strategy:
Venice will most likely not attack you. He might even ask for a declaration of friendship.
You will need to build a strong army quickly (depending on your Civ bonuses)
I prefer Atilla,
Do not play on quick as units become obsolete very quickly.
To defeat Venice, use this strategy:
Remember positioning is very important. You want to place your units in a way to take a player's capital as quickly as possible.
-use the horse archers to attack any units that could damage your battering ram. I recommend a minimum of 3 horse archers
-3 battering rams
-1 Horseman. In the case that your battering rams die, horseman can quickly capture the city (It has 4 movement points)
Short cut method
Go to Advanced Options:
-Select the difficulty level that you like (Deity, etc...)
-Pick a Total of 6 AI's.
-Make sure 5 of the AI's are on your side. In other words, you and the other Ai's are the same team as you. I recommend that You choose one of your teammates as the Shoshone
-Set the maximum turns to 3.
-Start the game and tada!

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