Charlie   Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Feel free to add me but please don't ask for free items if I accept.
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Some Info About Me:

:p2blue: Name: Charlie
:p2blue: Gender: Male
:p2blue: Age: 19 (19/6/99).
:p2blue: General interests: Gaming (PS4 and PC), Music, Watching TV shows (namely: GoT, TWD, FTWD, Prison Break, Breaking Bad), Steam in general, chilling with my friends both on the internet and in real life and my Job (sort of lol).
:p2blue: Gaming related "achievements": 1000+ Followers on Twitch, Multiple World Records on Call of Duty: WW2 (PS4) :BFBoom:

When It Comes To Adding Me:

As above - feel free to add me - I accept most people but your chances of being accepted are increased if you are a high level on Steam and/or leave a comment on my profile.

NOTE : I will very rarely accept people with any sort of ban or private profile.

Once you are on my friends list, you should know:

:p2blue: I always like talking to people, so feel free to talk to me about anything
:p2blue: I like to think that I am accepting, open minded and friendly
:p2blue: If I take a while to reply - it doesn't mean I don't like you - I am probably busy.
:p2blue: I DO NOT give free stuff to people if they ask (trading cards/game keys etc). However, do join my giveaway group for a chance to win some free items.

My Favourite games of all time:

:p2blue:Call Of Duty Franchise, namely: BO3, BO2 and WW2 (the game I am best at)
:p2blue:Portal 2 (single player and co-op are just so much fun)
:p2blue:Killzone Series
:p2blue:Garry's Mod
:p2blue:Team Fortress 2
:p2blue:The Last Of Us
:p2blue:Every Uncharted Game
:p2blue:Resident Evil 4 and 5
:p2blue:Half Life 2

Music Stuff:
» I like all types of music, but I generally listen to Metal/Rock and Dubstep/electronic :rockon:

» Some of my favourite artists/bands are: Depeche mode, Pantera, Fall Out Boy, Kings Of Leon, Royal Blood, Muse, Iron Maiden, Tristam, The Killers, Coldplay, Linkin Park, RHCP, Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, AC/DC, The Clash, Imagine Dragons, MCR etc etc etc

Goals For This Account:

» Collect 2000 games (1240/2000 currently). I don't really care about games though :P

» Reach Steam Level 555 (525 currently) - Level 100 achieved: 26/12/2016, Level 200 achieved: 31/05/2017, Level 300 achieved: 08/09/2017, Level 400 achieved: 14/06/18, Level 500 achieved: 05/07/2018.

» Level 1000+ Holiday Badge (DONE!)

» Be in the top 10 Steam Levels in the UK (DONE! RANKED 7TH CURRENTLY).

My YouTube Channel:

REHZ's YouTube Channel:

Most Generous/Kind People I Have Met On Steam: - They have given me about 20 game keys so massive shoutout! - I have also earned a few games through his giveaways, so again, massive shoutout! - They have given me keys for almost 50 GAMES!

Other half decent blokes:
- REHZ (top tf2 bantawana and is very much a purger of donkeys)
- Fox (sends me good songs that have like 500 views on YT, seems that most good songs are undiscovered)
- Jsef (best CS:GO player, lel)
- Tekno pengwn (comments on quite a few of my YT videos)

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5 Reasons Why Portal 2 is so good:

- Dialogue is entertaining
- Easy to get invested in both the characters and story (Wheatley is great)
- Very rewarding puzzles that manage to challenge you without frustrating you (depending on how good you are at working through the chambers)
- Co-op mode gives more content to enjoy with a friend; overall more entertaining than the single player but lacks story. The co-op mode can be played over and over again with different friends if you are fortunate enough to have more than 1 friend who owns the game lol.
- Community Chambers are a great challenge and there is some real replayability value

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