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VVV You want to add or to group me? Please read this below first. VVV:
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You want to add me? Please read this first.
- Everything below is based on REAL and more a less bad experiences I had with people adding me just because of my Garry's Mod addons all the time.
- You may not like my attitude, but it is necessary to prevent me from going insane!
- My projects are free to stay free, so don't expect your ~fancy enterprise product support~ from me.
- If you don't like this text, please don't add/ask me. :)


* No Reason = No add
* No children, No noobs, No VAC bans
* Use your brain
* Read the descriptions
* Use the addon's or this profile's comment sections for contacting me
* I do not teach Lua or other addon related things
* I do not do support via spoon feed
* No customization, no enterprise support
* No trading
* No other money related stuff = Block, if asked for
* Flaming = Delete + Block
* Not reading this tl;dr => Block

- Reason:
Please give the reason of your friend request in the comments first. If there is a good reason, I will accept your request.

- Groups:
Please don't invite me to your group, unless you have a good reason you can tell me about in the comments below!

- Age:
You shouldn't be a child. Children tend to be annoying and impatient all the time. I'm a way above 25 and I have no need for that, sorry.

- Language:
I speak German and English. So if you don't speak one of these languages, I can't add or help you.

- VAC bans:
I don't like cheaters, so one or more VAC bans (which can be seen on your profile) makes your friend request less likely to be accepted. The ban time doesn't matter and bans while being hacked or caused by viruses are not an excuse.

- Gm_construct credits:
Please don't and me just because of my name in the gm_construct credits. I just did some minor stuff in it. I won't help you to make maps.

- Help for making addons:
I won't help you to make addons nor something for an addon of any kind. Please use Google and the GMod Wiki to help yourself. :)

- Teaching/helping to code:
I won't help you to code and I won't teach it neither, because it would be very time consuming and tiring for me. Please ask someone else or use Google and the GMod Wiki to teach it to yourself. Reading code also helps aswell.

- Addon support:
If you want support or help for one of my addons please use the addon's comment section. I will be notified when someone posts there and I will try to give helpful awnsers to everyone. Help may require cooperation and additional information. No information = No help. Please, just don't be an idiot.

I support my addons, but I do not spoon feed. I do not do individual support unless the addon descriptions are proven to be not sufficient. No private reports unless it is a security issue.
I do not do any special customization for anyone, no exceptions.

- Added for help:
If you add me (which is not necessary) for help you will be most likely be removed after it.

- About money and trading:
* I don't get any money for making addons or something for an addon.
* As sayed above, I don't make anything for you, not even for money!
* I don't buy anything for friends in my friendslist. There are no exceptions! Go buy it yourself.
* I don't lend money. There are also no exceptions.
* Asking me about it more than once, will get you removed from the list. There is no "But you do it for friends. :(" and the value doesn't matter!
* I do not trade Steam items.

- About SligWolf and his addons:
Usually I do not help you about SligWolf's addons. They are well described, so read the description or ask for help in the addon's comment section.
* Don't ask me to do something for/with them or for/with you.
* I will not provide information about unfinished projects or planned releases.
* And I won't help you to get your requests accepted from him, if he won't add you, then he has his reasons.

- Outspokenness:
I will always try to be frendly, but if I am being rude to you (and you don't know why), then you probably didn't read this carefully enough and/or you were rude to me. Im very direct when someone is being stupid. I delete crap and idiotic comments.
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Einer der ersten Sandbox-Spiele der Welt. Das Spiel ermöglicht das Bauen von so ziemlich Allem. Die Source-Engine wird mit Garry's Mod allerdings an seine Grenzen gebracht, was sich leider, vor Allem bei schwachen PCs, zu instabilen Verhalten führt. Daher sind die "Empfohlenen Systemvoraussetzungen" unbedingt zu übertreffen.

Wer sich darauf einstellt, kann in dem Spiel viele hundert erfreuliche Spielstunden erleben. Der relativ neue Workshop-Zugang ermöglicht das Herunterladen von Addons, Maps und Gamemodes (Spielmodi) aus einer umfangreichen von der Community erzeugten Sammlung. Jedoch verlängert jedes installierte Addon die Ladezeit des Spiels.

Das Spiel bietet neben der Sandbox auch zahlreiche Gamemodes an, welche sich oft wie ganz eignende Spiele spielen.
So wird Garry's Mod auch zur einer Spiele-Sammlung.

Ein sehr großes Manko ist allerdings das offizielle (englische) Forum des Herstellers Facepunch, welches ein Großteil der aktiven Spieler umfasst. Diese Community verhält sich leider sehr elitär und die eigene Meinung ist nicht immer gern gesehen, wenn diese nicht im Interesse der Community bzw. der Forum-Moderatoren liegen. Nicht selten werden Bans für Nichtigkeiten, wegen Meinungsverschiedenheiten oder gar sinnlos verteilt. Zudem müssen scheinbar die Moderatoren die eigenen Forumregeln nicht einhalten. Und wer kaum Posts in diesem Forum hat, der Zählt nicht viel und schon garnicht, wenn man sich kein "Gold Member"-Status gekauft hat, auch wenn die Posts inhaltlich noch so hochwertig sind.

Auch wenn das Forum für Neulinge einen eher mangelhaften Support liefert, gebe ich aufgrund des freien und fast unendlichen Gameplays einen Daumen hoch.

Wer sich für dieses Spiel entscheidet sollte allerdings sich für Technik im Allgemeinen interessieren und auch entsprechende Fähigkeiten sind vorteilhaft bei dem Spaß am Spiel. Damit es im Einstieg leichter wird und man sich den "Support" sparen kann, sollte man auch die Source-Engine im Groben kennen.

Wer es besonders anspruchsvoll mag und gerne programmiert, sollte auch ein Blick in die LUA-API werfen und sich vielleicht selbst an einem Gamemode oder Addon versuchen.
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Grocel Aug 6 @ 1:23pm 
And you are sure that your change won't break anything else such as every sub/helper entity being moved to Ship's origin instead to their attachment point? Do the doors still have collisions?I have that suspicion, because the function is one of the most important ones that has proven to be stable quite a lot. It is used in almost all of our addons that also are well tested. The behaviour of your problem was not reported in the years of existance in any of our projects. Make sure that your version is up to date from the workshop. Your's could be outdated.
DangerKiddy Aug 6 @ 12:57pm 
Well I changed parenting in that function like I wrote and this is how I fixed it
Grocel Aug 6 @ 12:52pm 
@DangerKiddy: You "must" know that SligWolf and me are quite experienced addon coders and we know what we are doing with the function SW_ADDON:SetEntAngPosViaAttachment(). Your problem is not caused by that function. Your suggestion would break the function, as the helper entity is supposed to move and rotate the other entity with it. The helper has no physics and is removed shortly after. In the meanwhile I have found a new technique to implement the behavior in this function without using a helper entity. But at the moment we have no time to actually change it.

Your problem is something different, probably by an addon conflict. Please troubleshoot it yourself as we don't give individual support. Please read the addon description ( for more help!
DangerKiddy Aug 6 @ 4:07am 
In "SW_ADDON:SetEntAngPosViaAttachment" there is one problem: Why're you calling "SetPos" on entity without removing its old parent? You must to do something like this:

local p = entB:GetParent()
if IsValid(p) then
if IsValid(p) then

Why I'm saying "must"? Look in comment section of Ferry and check gif which I've sent.
Button. Jul 29 @ 1:14pm 
Hey, hätte ne kleine frage darum die anfrage - Combine