I do not accept friendrequests from people i do not know.
Almost every single time i upload a mod people flock to me like demons.:Ageha:
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Hello and welcome to my profile.
I am a modder, tutor, furry, weeb and according to the people who dislike me i'm also a lot of nasty things. Actually, only five. they never manage to get unique insults. :SMGYukisubtle:

I make mods, resources to make modding easier, and tutorials to teach modding.
I do not take requests, but every once in a while i will take a commission.
If you're into modding l4d2, check out my guides .
I got my own Discord Server [discord.gg]too, if you wanna check it out.

Do not edit any of my mods or use them in a mod pack without my permission.
You can ask me for permission in my profile comment section.
Not recieving an answer does not grant you permission.
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[H1]This map pack is made to test your work-in-progress mods without having to load a campaign and use console commands to stop the director from throwing infected your way.

You can simply spawn and pick up any weapon, item, upgrade and carryable object
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Created by - мяFunreal
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Created by - мяFunreal
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This relatively long tutorial shows the entire process of rigging, animating and compiling a gun, along with creating a HUD image and sounds. Contains downloadable files for animating in blender (IK Rig prefab) and hud images (prefab textures and script pa
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Left 4 Dead 2
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Tweaking the Apocalypse, so you can survive in style.
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мяFunreal Oct 10 @ 11:50am 
No. But i can clearly see parts that were taken straight from my map
Ryan Oct 10 @ 10:13am 
SalaD SnacK Oct 8 @ 1:59pm 
Saw your poseable awper hand on the sfm workshop and subbed to it and it doesnt show up, any fixes/reasons?
💎Lil' Miss Rαríту💎 Sep 17 @ 10:25am 
What happened to the Princess Luna AK47 mod for L4D2? I used to love that mod but now it's gone?
mussy73 Sep 15 @ 12:06pm 
I'll be more than happy to buy the game for you and pay for your time
мяFunreal Sep 15 @ 4:55am 
i'm not so fond of ripping files, since it only works sometimes and it is a pain to get all files together. i also need to buy the game first.
You would be better off by browsing websites that collect ripped models and try to find the models there.

i for example like these websites to search content on: