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Hi, the name's Pixel. I like video games I guess. Some favorites are the Zero Escape series, Deadly Premonition (despite the bad PC port), the No More Heroes series (Wii/PS3), Catherine (PS3/Xbox 360), and the Souls games. I have a massive backlog though, so my favorites change pretty often. :B1:

The games in my showcase are usually what I'm playing or want to play soon.

Anime is pretty cool too. I particularly love dramas or mysteries and I generally don't care much for action shows (shonen stuff), though I seem to watch a mix of everything anyway. Some of my favorites so far are Gurren Lagann, Serial Experiments Lain, Mawaru Penguindrum, Welcome to the NHK, K-On!! (particularly the second season), Steins;Gate, and Samurai Champloo, but there's a lot more I plan to watch so my favorites are constantly changing. My anime list is over here [myanimelist.net]. I have a AniList too (same name), but I rarely update it these days

I trade bundle games 1:1 over at Barter [barter.vg]. I'm interested in any games I don't already own, so feel free to send me an offer if you're interested. :D:

I don't trade Dota 2, CS:GO, or TF2 items, and I'm also not interested in them. Please don't add me for that.

I like to casually hunt for achievements sometimes. It helps me keep track of games I've "completed" rather than just "finished", so it's kinda fun. My Astats profile is here. [astats.astats.nl] :golden:

Recently, I've been playing a lot of stuff on a website called RetroAchievements - my profile is over here [retroachievements.org]. If it sounds interesting, check it out!

R.I.P. watch paint dry: the game [medium.com]
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Sayaka Oct 15, 2021 @ 2:48pm 
Hey there! I'm interested in trading you for some of your Steam inventory gifts. I can trade you some TF2 keys in exchange, or maybe we can work something else out. Please let me know if you're interested! :sayaka_DGR:
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Hello, sorry for disturbing, I wanted to ask you if you still have the game files from District 187 because I would need them, I saw you played it, please reply, Greetings