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Rimworld artist and modmaker, general sci-fi media fan, colony management and city builder enjoyer. I partake in a general share of games, mostly Rimworld, Minecraft, Terraria, Cosmoteer and such.
I am almost always available.

I've delved into various art forms, but mostly enjoy art, I occasionally write and build my own universes. I do not share any of my arts here just because it seems like hassle.

Proud owner of possibly the worst laptop on Earth.

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This sums me up well.
Favorite Game
Workshop Showcase My warmest welcome, to a new mod series, the Stoneborn expansion packs! Not the catchiest name, I know, but essentially the mods are going to be large pack
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Created by - CatLover366 and DetVisor
Dvalton Steelbeard 8 hours ago 
Amalê brother.
DetVisor 11 hours ago 
Thank you, brother.
Dvalton Steelbeard 17 hours ago 
Oyta! Du bekar brother, nice dwarven mods. Imrili tadâ! Ayadurzu!
L0w-key May 24 @ 7:43am 
when is stoneborn expension coming man
ratroach357 May 21 @ 10:33am 
hell yeah
Pupuxa May 15 @ 4:16pm 
hell yeah