That Guy   Jackson, Tennessee, United States
Just a grey unicorn stuck with a shitty 3mbps internet plan. Also badly addicted to Mann vs. Machine and achievement hunting. I also don't give a shit what others have to say about my tour count and skills. I play for fun.

MvM Loot
Two Cities
[Professional killstreak Black Box
Professional killstreak Grenade Launcher
Professional killstreak Original
Professional killstreak AWPer Hand]-I got these all from my 20-40's in touring
Tour 80 Australium Stickybomb Launcher
Tour 132 Professional Killstreak Knife
Tour 151 Australium SMG

"There is no dark side, nor a light side
There is only the force
I will do what I must to keep the balance
The balance is what keeps me together
There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish
There is passion, yet emotion
Serenity, yet peace
Chaos, yet order
I am the wielder of the flame, the protector of balance
I am the holder of the torch, lighting the way
I am the keeper of the flame, soldier of balance
I am a guardian of balance
I am a Gray Jedi"

"Oh no, it's a rug. You sweep dirt under it, you don't fly on it." ~Cassim

Congratulations, you've wasted a few seconds of your life. :thumbs:
Currently Online
Do you really have nothing better to do? Then great! :D
:CorpsWarning:Before adding me:CorpsWarning:
:TryAgain: Private and VAC banned profiles will less likely be accepted
:TryAgain: I know every scam method in the book, so just go ahead and kick rocks.
:TryAgain: Have proper English
:TryAgain: I don't trade with random users, sorry.
:TryAgain: Anyone that spams me with game and group invites will be removed.
:TryAgain: Don't beg me for my items. I'll give you a free block, though!
:TryAgain: Don't add just for RP/ERP.
:TryAgain: If you don't put in the effort to talk to me, why should I?

Look at me, I'm important!(\:D:/)
Sexual Preference: Hetero and proud! :B1:
Age: 24
Gender: I'm a grill gamer in disguise.(Not really)
Personality: Random, truthful, volatile if aggravated enough, nonconformist.
Relationship: The day I find myself a woman is the day I stop wasting money on here.
Interests: Gaming, conversating, single-player games, Mann vs. Machine.
Dislikes: Math, try-hards, bigots, copy-cats, ERP addicts, Thots.

:rainbowfart:Facts about my horse:Horse:
Name: Twisty
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Stallion
Sexuality: Straight as they come
Occupation: Blade for hire :godsfury:
Personality: Silly, humble, wise when serious.
Relationship: No, I'm not gonna let you sex him :golden:
Likes: Jokes, being childish, swords, drinking cider from dusk till dawn. :freebeer:
Dislikes: Edgelords, narcissists, futas, Thots. :skybornangry:

Places I am also found
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Join, for food and to help me compensate for my low self-esteem!
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I'm the T to the W to the I-S-T-Y, and ain't nopony more psychotic than I! I'm Twistylicious! Also, don't ask me to trade. I'm a collector not a seller.
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Here you will learn what to do to make yourself completely and utterly useless to your team, and to make the rest of the players steam with hate at your sight.
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Statement: "I just wanted the new Steam badge."
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"Finish what your team started"

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There are exceptions.
bluedaboodedaboodaedisc Aug 11 @ 10:36pm 
*kicks in door* YOUR AVATAR IS TRASH
Twost Aug 11 @ 10:19pm 
Hey, the silence is better than having Weebs and other haters♥♥♥♥♥♥talking on my profile just because of my avatar.
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The comment silence is broken. Now the propane lord will RISE!
Gallius (Asleep) Mar 19 @ 9:51am 
*sprays Blue with the hose* bad,