Денис Носко   Orikhiv, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Ukraine
If you use scottish resistance or gas passer in mvm, you're a bad player.

"It isn't a game unless I'm fighting at hatch"
- Strawberries On A Summer Evenin'
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Sorry about the mess. This guide is rather disorganized and structureless.

I thought I was done writing guides, but here this is.

Lately, I've had my intelligence insulted a lot by low-tour players in MvM pubs. Why are low-tour players calling

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Budz_2_gamingYT Apr 12 @ 11:11pm 
hope that your country can beat the russians!
Danizk0 Apr 6 @ 6:39pm 
I'm doing fine, thanks
KOJAKK Apr 6 @ 6:29pm 
I’m half Ukrainian
KOJAKK Apr 6 @ 6:29pm 
hope you’re doing well
Danizk0 Apr 6 @ 6:23pm 
KOJAKK Apr 6 @ 6:22pm 
are you actually from Ukraine?