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November 19, 2019
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Welcome to Creators.TF, a TF2 community celebration project that takes the initiative to provide new content for Team Fortress 2.

Using the help of community content creators, we can provide complete community-created events to our own servers through modding and plugins. Hats, weapons, maps, and much more! All of these will be created by the community, for the community.

This project is a great undertaking, and that's why we need members of the TF2 community, just like you!

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Creators 2021 Plan | Patches & Digital Directive Mission Rebalances
Getting Our Hands Dirty!
Splish splash I’m taking a bath![] Stop bothering me to write your blog posts! *whispers* Wait, this needs to get out now? *whispers* Alright, I’ll see what I can do...

*ahem*, Because of the growing headaches with our weapons and hats disintegrating or causing fifth degree burns, we have made the choice to focus this year on improving the systems that provide you with that new inventory. Our talented engineers will be tinkering around the clock for the coming months to make Creators.TF an overall better experience, which you’ll be able to follow via our Trello Roadmap.[]

Now before you go into a frenzied panic, this does not mean we will be cancelling current and upcoming events. You will still be able to quench your need for robot slaying till September 1st, after which Digital Directive will be partially retired, with servers and loot still provided.

The two remaining holiday events, Halloween and Smissmas will continue as planned. We also encourage you, disturbingly creative folk, to continue submitting your ghoulish or jolly ideas to our workshop[].

Vanilla+ Servers
If the prospect of holidays and system maintenance doesn't excite you, then we have one last upcoming feature to talk about, Vanilla+ Servers! Not everyone wants to play the game with a myriad of new things mixed in - and that’s okay... really, no feelings hurt *cocks shotgun*.

Alongside our existing Creators.TF custom servers and the MvM servers, we will additionally be hosting vanilla TF2 servers amongst the various regions, with the “+” coming from our gameplay fixes, the curated map pool, and seeding capabilities you already see in action today. We’re working on these servers at the moment, and they should be released for mass consumption in a few weeks.

In the meantime, check out the latest Digital Directive mission rebalances in today’s patch notes.

Patches & Digital Directive Mission Rebalances
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where if a player had The Gunslinger equipped in Live TF2 and equipped a wrench override in their C.TF Loadout, their sentry gun would be destroyed when touching a resupply cabinet.
  • Fixed an issue where two cosmetics could occupy the same equip region.
  • Added "Strange Part: Pyro Robots Destroyed" to the store.
  • Player sprays can now overlap and will see team colored outlines around the spray they are looking at if there is another spray within 64 units of it.
  • Updated the patreon chat tags to accurately reflect the tier package names listed on our Patreon page.
  • Fixed contracts and mechachievements randomly not loading properly after a server restart or map change.
MvM Missions:
If you would like to help contribute to the feedback of maps and missions, please visit the PotatoMvM Discord.[]

Boogge - Voidlings:
  • Re-enabled Reanimators
  • Removed damage bonuses from Bot Medic Syringe Guns
  • Engineer Class Limit set to 2
Weapon Rebalances, also apply to Cliffside - Ashes to Ashes and Sharp - Sudden Equinox:
The Beggar’s Bazooka:
  • Removed additional reload speed nerf
The Degreaser:
  • Added rocket specialist to reflected rockets
  • Increased reflected projectile speed by 200%
  • Reflect blast jumps now grant health
The Gas Passer:
  • Afterburn damage bonus increased from 500% to 1000%
The Market Gardener:
  • Attacks cleave through multiple enemies
  • Increased melee range and bounds by 50%
The Phlogistinator:
  • Removed delay before firing
Ullapool Caber:
  • Added 50% damage bonus when below half HP
Wave 3:
  • Dragon's Fury Pyros skill increased to Normal from Easy
Cliffside - Ashes to Ashes
  • Re-enabled Reanimators
  • Removed damage bonuses from Bot Medic Syringe Guns
  • Removed rage gain penalty from non-buster and non-boss giants
  • Increased Sentry Buster Cooldown Time from 45 to 55 seconds
  • Engineer Class limit set to 2
Wave 1:
  • Mission Sniper DesiredCount lowered from 2 to 1
  • Bolshevik Bomber Heavies replaced with Mobber Heater Heavies
  • Red Giant Brick Sniper replaced with Red Giant Scout
Wave 2:
  • Removed Teleporters from Engineer Bots, added Dispensers
  • Red KGB Heavies replaced with Red Carbine Snipers
  • Giant Natascha Heavies replaced with Giant Heater Heavies
Wave 3:
  • Removed Teleporters from Engineer Bots, added Dispensers
  • Lowered MaxActive & TotalCount of Heavy Rushers
  • Red Rapid Fire Bowmen and Demomen replaced with Red Giant Burst Fire Snipers and Red SMG Snipers
Wave 4:
  • Reduced Cooldown between Red Engineer spawns
  • Removed perfect tracking from Subwave 1 scouts
Wave 5:
  • Armor Piercing Snipers replaced with Bowmen
  • Red Scouts replaced with Red Deflector + Uber combo
  • Red Afterburn Pyros replaced with 1 Red Giant Pyro
  • Removed Crit Canteens from Canteen Specialists
  • Enforcer Spies now track players much more efficiently
  • Reduced Rain of Arrows' headshot multiplier to 400%
  • Removed 1 Deflector Pyro from each giant squad
  • Replaced Airblast Pyros with Expert Pyros
Wave 6:
  • Hellbent Demoknight HP reduced from 30000 to 27500
  • Hellbent Demoknight now teleports back onto the map if he jumps off the cliff
  • Lowered chance of Armored Skeletons spawning
  • Raised chance of Marking Skeletons spawning
Cliffside - Bionic Bits:

Weapon Rebalances:
  • Iron Bomber, Scottish Resistance
  • Burst fire, functionally similar to the beggar’s bazooka
Hanami - Typhoon Tycoon
  • Increased starting currency from $800 to $1000
Wave 3:
  • Increased cleaver scout fire rate penalty from 50% to 100%
Sharp - Sudden Equinox
Wave 2:
  • Giant Blaster Scouts replaced with regular Giant Scouts
  • Giant Detonator Pyros replaced with Giant Flare Pyros
  • Spies wielding the Battalion's Backup now appear less frequently
Wave 3:
  • Super Scouts replaced with 4 Giant Bat Scouts
  • Reduced Chance for RandomChoice Giant Phlog Pyros and added Giant Dragon's Fury Pyros
Wave 4:
  • Enforcer Spies replaced with Blutsauger Medics
  • Giant Bonk Scout is now a Giant Jumping Scout
Wave 5:
  • Giant Charging Demo replaced with Giant Crit Demoknight
  • Deflector Pyros replaced with accurate Direct Hit Soldiers
Transmission - White Noise
  • Fixed Giant Sniper model not being applied
Weapon Rebalances:
Baby Face's Blaster:
  • Immune to slow / stun
  • No loss of boost on taking damage
Liberty Launcher: 
  • Homing rockets
  • Decreased damage penalty to -15%
  • 50% damage bonus
  • 35% slower projectile speed
  • 30% damage bonus stacks with upgrades
  • Slightly increased flame range
  • Greatly decreased flame spread
  • 50% damage bonus stacks with upgrades
  • No reload
  • Decreased projectile speed and fire rate
  • 50% faster spin-up
  • 50% less spread
Wave 1:
  • Comfy Heavies are now gatebots, and no longer have crits; increased SpawnCount to 4 from 1
  • Replaced first subwave's Burst Fire Soldiers with Hyper League Scouts; increased SpawnCount to 3 from 1
  • Increased first subwave's Soda Popper Scout TotalCount to 10 from 12, and SpawnCount and MaxActive to 3 from 2
  • Replaced Giant Shotgun's Uber Medics with Charged Quick-Fix Medics
Wave 2:
  • FaN Scouts are now gatebots
  • Gatebot Conch Soldiers replaced by a single Giant Gatebot Shortstop Scout
  • Removed Giant Upgraded Conch Soldiers
  • Added Giant Shortstop Scouts to second subwave
  • Changed second subwave's Shotgun Heavies to Backburner Pyros
  • Added a second Giant Rapid Conch Soldier
  • Removed Uber Medics from Giant Brass Beast Heavies
  • Final subwave's Demomen now spawn in groups of 5 with a MaxActive of 5 from 3 and 6, respectively
  • More Shortstop Scouts will spawn after all mainwave small bots are dead
Wave 3:
  • Increased payout to $750 from $700
  • Increased Bison Soldier TotalCount to 32 from 16
  • Turned Heater Heavies into Burst Detonator Pyros
  • Nerfed Giant Rapid Healing Soldier's health-on-hit to 100 from 400, scaling with damage done
Wave 4:
  • Increased payout to $800 from $650
  • Replaced Giant Buff Soldiers with Colonel Barrages: decreased SpawnCount to 1, added an Ammo Canteen to their arsenal
  • Removed Multi-Regen Heavies from the first subwave
  • Rapid Fire Bowmen are now gatebots
  • Removed Uber Medics from Giant Flare Rain Pyros; increased MaxActive to 4 from 2
  • Replaced Steel Gauntlets and Black Box Soldiers with Rapid Fire Demos and crit Shortstop Scouts
  • Replaced support Burst Blast Demos with Multi-Regen Heavies
  • Multi-Regen Heavies have less health regen 10 -> 5 and heal less on hit 5 -> 2, and roll out from spawn faster
Wave 5:
  • Increased payout to $800 from $750
  • Reformatted subwaves' small bots significantly to be less spammy
  • Split Giant Burst Stingers over two subwaves; the last two have crits
  • Protective Honeycomb Medic's Shield is now level 1
  • Removed Giant Beehemoth's increased melee range
  • Reduced Killer Bee Queen's fire rate and rocket homing power
  • Wave 6:
  • Added one-time Ubercharge Canteen to Giant Multi-Regen Heavy; activated when it swaps weapons
  • Changed Giant Rapid Piercing Bowmen's behavior to properly spam arrows

Added a new Steam Workshop map synchronization feature, fixed several Mechachievements, rebalanced more MvM Missions, and much more.
  • The client console command, wait, is now enabled on MvM servers.

  • Added MvM Role Pings to the /seed command. MvM pings have a cooldown of 2 minutes per region and 10 minutes per server, and Pub pings have a cooldown of 15 minutes per region. The cooldown time is now displayed to the client when typing the command. Seed ping message for MvM contains mission name and wave number.

  • Added an experimental feature which utilizes and syncs the unofficial community maps in our Pub map rotation to the Steam Workshop. When joining a server that is on an unofficial community map, players will see Updating Steam resources which will now download the map directly from the Steam Workshop. If players want to go ahead and pre-download all of these maps, select the Subscribe to all button on our Creators.TF Community Map Rotation Steam Workshop Collection.
"The introduction of this experimental feature is the first stepping stone to our end goals of completely automating our map rotation and proposing a new server download system. This Steam Workshop map synchronization brings several benefits:
  • Map makers can now push updates to their maps which our servers will automatically pull and players will automatically receive.
  • With these maps being hosted through the workshop, there is no need for players to download these maps via our asset pack nor the C.TF Launcher.
  • Downloading these maps from the workshop when joining the server is slightly faster than downloading them from our FastDL, which results in faster server join times.
Once we feel more confident in this feature, official announcements will be coming along with another rotation shakeup. As always, if you have any feedback or want to report bugs, please let us know on Discord[] in the #feedback channel."
  • As a result of this Steam Workshop map sync, the following maps have been updated:
    • KOTH Cascade, to Beta 6
    • KOTH Databank, to Release Candidate 3
    • PL Stranded, to Release Candidate 6
  • The team scrambling system has been adjusted to scramble teams based on player score rather than player kill/death ratios.

  • Manncoin Miner, Tainted Tomb, and the Gifting Lantern will now display their appropriate levels in-game.
The following Mechachievements have been fixed:
  • Dumpster Noise-Diver
  • I Don't Need Yer Fancy Tools!
  • Horn-Blowing Harbinger
  • Pipe Dream secondary objectives
  • Bazaar Botbash secondary objectives
  • Propulsion Pilot
  • Anti-Robotic Resistant Bugs
MvM Missions:
If you would like to help contribute to the feedback of maps and missions, please visit the PotatoMvM Discord.[]

Autumnull - Dynamic Disaster
  • Fixed timer not counting down correctly
  • Timer now pauses during intermission
  • Fixed bomb being stuck on the roof if the bomb carrier is pushed there and killed
Boogge - Voidlings
  • Removed Pow! Buster
  • Removed Teleporters from Engineer bots
  • Wave 2:
    • Payout increased from $700 to $900
    • Nerfed Giant Burst Fire Demo clip size and reload speed
    • Removed Big Heals from final Giant Burst Fire Demo
  • Wave 3:
    • Payout increased from $800 to $900
    • Removed Sentry Buster
    • Removed Spies
    • Removed Arrow Mastery from Giant Bowmen
    • Removed Kritzkrieg Medics
    • All Super Scouts now use the Fan o'War
    • Sir Spook HP reduced from 25000 to 20000
    • Player Rebalances applied only during this wave:
      • All classes:
      • Infinite ammo
      • 200% increased air control
    • Engineer:
      • Infinite metal
      • Doubled construction rate
      • 25% increase in sentry damage
      • 50% faster sentry rocket reload speed
  • Wave 4:
    • Payout increased from $600 to $800
    • Support Heavies no longer grab the bomb
    • Giant Apocalypse Champs now ignore buildings and have shortened max vision range
  • Wave 5:
    • Payout increased from $600 to $800
    • Removed Acceleration on Giant Homing Soldier's rockets and increased delay before firing
    • Lowered amount of trash pandas that spawn
    • Giant Scouts are now all mobber and cannot pick up the bomb
Cliffside - Bionic Bits
  • Weapon rebalances:
    • Hot Hand, Gunslinger, stock fists:
      • 150% damage bonus
  • Added friendly red busters throughout the mission
  • Giant Scout can no longer bodyblock, increased health to compensate
  • Giant Scout healing from health packs reduced by 50%
  • Medic can no longer overheal teammates
  • Replaced Greater Scouts with Charger Giants
  • Replaced most Lesser Scouts with Valve Super Scouts
  • Wave 2:
    • Rebalanced wave and replaced several strong robots
  • Wave 3:
    • Replaced samurais with Canadian Huntsmans
  • Wave 4:
    • Mini Sentry Busters now have 250 health
Kelly - Mobocracy:
  • Weapon Rebalances:
    • Scorch Shot:
      • “Pyro Jumper”, fires a rocket with increased knockback
  • Pain Train:
    • Does not collide with enemies
  • Ullapool Caber:
    • Removed deploy speed penalty
    • Minicrit boost on kill
  • Wave 1:
    • Increased Giant Fan Scout health to 1500
    • Giant Black Box soldiers now take different routes
  • Wave 4:
    • Added Fire Tank
    • Altered banner spawns
  • Wave 5:
    • Gaben can no longer be teleported
  • Wave 6:
    • Bomb Runner can no longer be bodyblocked
    • Disabled player collision on Segmentation Fault
Winterbridge, both missions:
  • Spell Rework:
    • Engineers recieve a common spell every 3 seconds (with a small chance for this to be rare), and a guaranteed rare spell every 20 seconds
    • The small chance of commons giving rare spells unfortunately cannot be removed, rare spells may still be overridden before you get a chance to use them
    • Removed logic for 1/16 chance of rare spells
    • Added counters at the bottom of the screen to show how many seconds until you recieve spells
    • Minify now rerolls a rare spell instead of a common when you get it
    • Made spell pickups slightly more consistent

  • Weapon rebalances:
    • Crit-a-Cola
      • -20% damage taken from melee
    • Bonk! Atomic Punch
      • -30% damage taken from melee
      • -15% damage taken
    • Bat
    • Minicrits become crits
    • The Candy Cane
      • +75 max health
    • The Manmelter
      • Fires mini sentries which self destruct after 8 seconds
      • 320% fire rate (only allows 1 to be active at a time)
    • Pyro
      • Fixed issues with back dispenser not spawning
    • Ullapool Caber
      • 99% self damage push force
    • The Overdose
      • +30% move speed
      • +50% fire rate
    • The Blutsauger
      • 50% chance to heal in an area for 24 health on hit
      • Drain down to 100 health while active (GRU stat)
    • Medic Melees
      • Removed non functioning uber on hit

Nick Bluetooth Jun 15 @ 7:55am 
Half-way through wave 1/3 in Blast Perfect, two demos and one Giant Demo were stuck at the gate and wouldn't leave the invuln zone, forcing us to restart the wave. Server #421
koala0054 Jun 12 @ 5:14am 
пожалуйста помогите если возможно подскажите ,нельзя ли никак попытаться выйти из бана на
koala0054 May 26 @ 11:10am 
там есть один человек ,которого 3 раза забанило в разное время навсегда
pasha0 May 25 @ 10:15pm 
Та же проблема, что у koalal0054, забанили без нарушения правил сервера, видимо из-за пинга. че делать теперь
koala0054 May 25 @ 6:22am 
Простите меня одного забанили на креэйторс ,на всегда потому что во время игры в mvm у меня подскочил пинг ?
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