♫ Zedilian ♫
Григорий/Grigory   Moscow, Moscow City, Russian Federation
Kindness should be with fangs and claws/Добро должно быть с кулаками
KILLER MAIN. Crybaby butthurted survivors, you can go and shit your pants to another place. You'll still be sucking pussies though :milliegrin:

You should know that I'm a (absolutely not so) common russian brony (dark one), novice Dj, huge lover of pumping dancing electronic music (raver), multiplayer FPSs and just an overall super positive and random person :3
If you can handle all of that, I'm pretty sure we'd come to a mutual understanding ^_^.
Welcome bro, I'm always happy to meet new interesting people!
And yep, I'm male and I'm straight. I love girls and they love me :3 Well, at least for now...

- my favorite beverages are whiskey, rum and red dry wine. Cocktails? Good too. Fav soft drinks are Mountain Dew and Ice teas
- one time I danced for entire 8 hours on one rave. Don't ask me how I managed so and how did I feel myself after this...
- one time after experiencing some stuff I was feeling like I was out of this world for 3 days. In fact only 2 hours passed
- I've visited more than 20 different countries(some of them more than once) and all continents except Aussie and Antarctic. My favorite countries are Italy and Thailand
- my fav meal/dish is pasta. And I can't eat olives
- from the first look many may consider that I'm "thick-skinned", but inside I'm very sensible and loving to whom I care and who cares of me
- according to Chinese Zodiac I was born in a year of a white horse. Surprisingly, huh? ;)

"...when i became a man i put away childish things, including fear of childishness and desire to be very grown up." - C. S. Lewis

Drum'n'Bass, Dubstep, Progressive Trance, Hardstyle and Happy Hardcore forever in my soul...
Here you can listen online this wonderful music genres:http://www.radiorecord.ru/player

OC: Twisted Motion (a link to the picture). [pp.userapi.com]
Pegasus, stallion, 24 age old. Talent and occupation: professional dancer. Has cyan coat, golden/yellow eyes, the mane and tail are dark and red.
Has super positive, adventurous and somewhat insane(in a good way) character. Music and dancing means the whole life to him. Besides that likes loud companies, mare's hips and booze. In others dislikes showing off, hypocrisy and fanatism.

Rule34 is normal...somehow.
I'm gonna love and tolerate the shit out of you. And I'm also gonna cuddle you to death :3
Я буду любя и толерантно выбивать из тебя дерьмо. А еще я заняшу тебя до смерти :3[/b]

Other links:
Gamebanana [gamebanana.com]
Skype - zedilian
Deviantart [zedilian.deviantart.com]

On my Youtube playlist you can listen the greatest brony electronic music, so feel free to!

"Everything that you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso.

"Ошибки - это знаки препинания, без которых в нашей жизни, как и в тексте, не будет никакого смысла." - Харуки Мураками.

"Казалось мне, нас облаком накрыло,
Прозрачным, гладким, крепким и густым,
Там то, во что мы верим , станет зримо ,
Как Первоистина неоспорима ."
- Божественная комедия Данте Алигьери, Рай, Песнь 2.
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♫ Zedilian ♫ Jul 9 @ 1:36pm 
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♫ Zedilian ♫ Jul 9 @ 1:25pm 
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Baffi Jul 9 @ 1:23pm 
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