Zachary B, Also know as "TheKing4562"   Florida, United States
Avey Tare - Ms. Secret

Feature games = Games I'm playing atm + TF2 > or <

25th September, 15+4+1 years
3DS Friend code:
TheKing4562 (Ask for Discord ID)

Updated as of 9/25/2016

---> TheKing4562 (Me) : Male <---
--> Amaterasu (video gmae character / the sun) = Female (Its weird and too late to change now)

About Me: (Type out 2011) edited slightly to remove stupidity 2014
--> Worst Payday player, NA (CPzerb approved)
--> Amatuer Smartguy
--> Work-o-holic, its not paying work but work none the less Got a job!
--> The end of round Scoreboard says I'm good good video games
--> Profesional Procastinator
--> Quality over Quantity, especially with video games.
--> Not buying into any of the B.S hype culture that keeps pumping out lame casual "specular" games these days, versus something thats fun to play.
--> If you're in trouble, I'm an O.K option to lean on
--> If theres anything I'm good at, its figuring "technical" shit out
--> I can play both the Guitar and Saxophone to an extent
--> Personal Adjectives: Loser, Moron
--> The last person I know that watches the Candy Coloured horses show
--> I'm pretty open to new things unless they have a moderate-heavy negative conotation to it.
-->I am fairly experince with budgeting PC builds and will gladly help someone I know budget theirs
--> I got problems but I'll try my best to make sure I'm not going to personal bother you with them
--> Nicest person you'll ever learn to hate.
--> Probably actually mentally disable
--> Don't have many people to talk to
--> I have reoccuring trust issues

--> Been Depress for the past ongoing 10+2 years

Personal Achievements
-Making a Youtube channel thats hopefully not more than 30% cringe
-Travel from South Carolina to Florida on a 42ft boat at 5mph for 3 days striaght.
- not disapearing yet

Few records of people being too nice to me:
~I was going to buy a Pocker pyro and name it "The12thSpaz"; Spaz overheard my plans and gifted me exactly that.
~Gmodlightboomer gave me his Archimedes when he was flat broke 4 my bday
~Pinkle, for a 2 many things that the stean profile character limit can take

:bbtcat: To my old long gone friend.

This video explains why my profile pic is always a white wolf
My YouTube! and I'm uploading!....sometimes..not really

[url] [/url]
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[url] [/url] Words cannot describe, and trust me I tried.
Ammy Jul 1 @ 8:22pm 
There isnt anything on this earth much dummer than a kittycat who likes you too much.
Ammy Jun 20 @ 5:34am 
If it was useless I woudn't have them, and they are definitely worth more than ur stinky fricken hat.
I dont to talk to me or my Unique items ever again.
MVC Gaming Jun 20 @ 12:15am 
Hey bro, I see you have many useless craftable TF2 items So I can give one of my hats for all of them.
Check my profile (link in bio) and send me steam trade offer if its ok for you. Thanks for attention!
Ammy May 19 @ 10:49am 
Seriously tho, that silly stuff makes more frowns than smiles.
Ammy May 19 @ 10:49am 
TFW your friend(s) have a best friend list and you're not on it.
Joy Mar 13 @ 1:23am