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:paJim: In uncertainty, find infinite possibility.


:tradingcard: Never play cards with a qunari, it's impossible to tell when they are bluffing, also never play with an elf, they never pay their debts and don't ever play with a dwarf, they'll kill you if they lose!


:warpstone: Re: Chaos - You can't find ore without splitting some stone. [Dragon Age Origins - Legnar of Orzammar]


:Zombillie: Yes! The monsters are good for business ... but ... they've eaten my last two assistants. [Memphis Weapons Vendor:Titan Quest Anniversary Edition]


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:omfg: “It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.”.
-Fightclub, 1999


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:lunaearth: At the heart of the constellation Scorpius, the red giant star Antares burns with a fiery intensity matched by astrological Scorpio’s passionate temperament. Ruled by Pluto, Greek God of the Netherworld, Scorpio is intimately connected with the extremes of life, with beginnings and endings, conception and lasting legacies.

As the sign of purpose and success, the dedication and drive of Scorpio is unmatched. Of course, if a Scorpio’s anger is aroused, or she feels out of control and disordered, the sting of rebuke will be unmistakable! Scorpios thrive in pursuits that require intuition and deeper understanding, including medicine, spirituality, philosophy and technology.

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A stealth title more than 3rd person war time shooter though when you pull out your sniper rifle you're in 1st person. While sniping, you will have to take into account wind, gravity, your heartbeat as well as the air in your lungs, the latter of which you will be unable to exhaust with an elevated heart rate.

The strategic element is important as the AI will investigate noises as well as fallen comrades and quickly gift you a bullet hole too many if you're not mobile enough. The experience of pulling off difficult shots on moving targets is very satisfying. The game employs a bullet cam and provides a stupendously graphic visualization of that soldier's jugular you just punctured complete with blood spurt.

You're scored on your abilities as well and the game recognizes the type of shot in terms of distance, moving targets and parts of the body. The save system is liberal enough so that you can save anytime, though the game will eventually inform you that you have saved too many times and thereby dock your score.

Sniper Elite adds additional realism and tension by allowing you to comprehensively search the dead, many times under threat, for survival necessities as opposed to a brusque pat down which might just yield a couple of bullets, though the ability to move the cadaver to a safer area for inspection is available.

While the visuals are indeed dated, the whole package creates an atmospheric stage consistent with bombed out Dresden and I would like to emphasize this accomplishment given the age of the engine. Once you have created a profile, 1080P is supported. Sniper Elite is the definition of a war time classic.
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FiatLux Jan 9 @ 2:33pm 
Hello and thank you for the friendly invite which I decided to accept though I generally do not accept random incites anymore :ooh: :hmm: :hee:
Please notice that I am trying to cut back on my playing computer games and have other serious matters to tend to why I may not be much on Steam - though I can't say for sure how things will pan out in the end - but consider you informed any way :winter2019cooldog: :winter2019neutraldog:
Have a very nice day and enjoy your time on Steam :hee:
Tolyan Jan 6 @ 4:34pm 
•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•` * ¸      ▂╱▏ 
   |___|     ╲ ╲
   |000|      ▕╱▔
   |000|  ━╖ ┏╭━╮┳━╮┳━╮┓ ┏   
   |000|   ╟━┫┣━┫┣━╯┣━╯╰━┫  ‵⁀) ✫ ✫ ✫.
   \00/    ━╜ ┗┛ ┗┻  ┻┏━┓ ┃  `⋎´✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•✫
    \0/      ▕╲▏Ⓔ▕╱╲▏  ╙━━━╯    ✫¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.✫
     ||   ━━┓ ┓╥━┓╭━╮┳━╮     ☻/ღ˚ •。
     ||     ╰━┫╟━ ┣━┫┣┳╯     /▌*˛˚
     ||     ╰━╯╨━┛┛ ┗┻╰━━━   / \ ˚ 2020:champaign::champaign::champaign:
DJ Jan 2 @ 5:13am 
Cheers buddy. Hope 2020 is prosperous for you! :chug:
Bunnyie Jan 1 @ 10:20pm 
and a belated Merry Christmas! :stars::epihappy:
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