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:schoolbus: “If we are not careful, our colleges will produce a group of close-minded, unscientific, illogical propagandists, consumed with immoral acts. Be careful, 'brethren!' Be careful, teachers!” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


:cashmoneys: Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public - H. L. Mencken


:bleeding_heart: "Damn it Bones, you're a doctor. You know that pain and guilt can't be taken away with the wave of a magic wand. They're the things we carry with us, the things that make us who we are. If we lose them, we lose ourselves. [to Sybok] I don't want my pain taken away! I need my pain!": - James T. Kirk Commander U.S.S. Enterprise, Star Trek V


:thesheep: "When sheep run astray the good shepherd must bring them back onto the righteous path. Otherwise they fall prey to wolves." - Reverend, The Witcher


:rainbowlove: "the person who says that the only way to please them is to restrict options for others is, if you ask me, the one who deserves it least." - David Gaider


:ccoin::blackball: "You learn to appreciate the light by living in the dark." - Eve, Mass Effect 3


:monster2: "Those that fight fire with fire only get in trouble with Smokey the Bear" - Herman Muenster, Season 1, Episode 32 - April 29, 1965


:flyawaylikeabird: “It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.” - Fightclub, 1999


:health: "Doc, I'm missing three lungs. Who gives a ♥♥♥♥ about protein levels." - Drack, Mass Effect Andromeda


:coolpolice: "Good men mean well. They just may not wind up doing well." - [Isaac Clarke, Dead Space 3]


:paJim: In uncertainty, find infinite possibility. - An old Orlesian saying, Dragon's Age Inquisition Codex: Uncertainty


:whiskeybottle: A drunk man's talk is a sober man's thoughts.


:tradingcard: Never play cards with a Qunari, it's impossible to tell when they are bluffing, also never play with an elf, they never pay their debts and don't ever play with a dwarf, they'll kill you if they lose!


:warpstone: Re: Chaos - You can't find ore without splitting some stone. [Dragon Age Origins - Legnar of Orzammar]


:desktopclock: Go slower to go faster.

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AVICII Invector: a rhythm game and tribute to the late beloved Swedish DJ AVICII who belongs in anyone's Music Hall of Fame.

Avicii Tops Shazam's Most-Searched Songs Hall Of Fame

That honor befalls "Wake Me Up" by Swedish electronic dance music DJ and producer Avicii which, according to Shazam, the go-to app for figuring out what it is you're listening to, is the most ‘Shazamed' song of all time. It has so far been checked 19.45 million times and counting.

Presentation & Sound:
  • Stunning, beautiful and brilliant artistry.
  • Emotion rich and addicting AVICII inspired electronic musical productions.
  • Fresh non repetitive abstraction.

  • Multiple difficulties including Beginner, Easy, Medium and Hard.
  • Highly accessible to those not rhythm inclined.
  • Difficult enough to satisfy masters of the rhythm gaming genre.
  • Supports multiple controller types, Xbox controllers natively and PS3 controllers through the Steam controller utility.

  • Excellent controls.
  • Well designed game prompts facilitating communication for user feedback.
  • Wonderful genre bending touches like flight transitions.
  • Split screen game-play.
  • Boost Boost Boost.

Full Steamworks Integration:
  • Steam Remote Play Together though only recommended on very low latency internet connections.
  • Steam Achievements.
  • Steam Trading Cards.
  • Steam Cloud.
  • Steam Leader-boards.

My personal game (played) of the year. AVICII Invector makes you feel so great and will pump joy into our pandemic plagued lives. A wonderful production, an experience to be experienced. Yes I love the game and I loved the artist.

RIP Tim Bergling. You will be missed, your life and your work will be remembered for eternity. Your struggles will hopefully serve as a reminder that mental health should be made a priority across all aspects of life and the multi-cultural societies we permeate.

Suicide cuts right across our society

His suicide brought into sharp relief just how many men suffer from this, especially within our industry.

It's not just electronic music. It cuts right across the industry, it cuts right across our society - but men do find it particularly hard to talk about.
- Source[]

Please, if you're depressed or god forbid have suicidal thoughts reach out. No one will think any less of you as a human being. My friends, members of the steam community, my community, you are not alone. Your pain needs to be shared. We dissipate some of that pain through escapism but ultimately we cannot escape our own being. It's who we are, an unwelcome attribute that forms and defines us to our core, to our very soul.

God Bless the living for we survive despite the fragile and frail human condition. God Bless our departed, their souls whom have traveled to the beyond, to the infinite. God Bless those of us helping our fellow men and women cope with their struggles. God Bless!

Suicide Prevention Hotlines for Every Country[]
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Alan Wake would of been a marvelous addition to the stealth genre. Combined with the fabulous landscapes of the mountainous Pacific Northwest and the arresting drama, moving quietly around the mountains and woods of an eerie remote town would seem to meld like needle and thread. Remedy, listed as the developer and the publisher and of Max Payne fame but not much else, thought otherwise.

Alan Wake is brilliantly atmospheric. A compelling yet subservient Stephen King penned horror yarn narrated by our protagonist, enveloping the player into his plight. A story told by progression and environmentally produced manuscript pages that fill in the backstory. Alan Wake the game is a missed opportunity. A famous person once said "He who bemoans the lack of opportunity, forgets that small doors many times open up into large rooms.". Alan Wake is a well realized world of small rooms that never open up into the game-play that this game so richly deserves.

As the manuscript plays out before our very eyes, a character utters the words "Like a really bad movie. Who wrote this crap anyway". The combat in Alan Wake is misplaced, the combat is criminally designed. Repetitively placed bullet sponge Taken as they're called, evil, are dispatched by our clunky controlled writer turned Rambo, Alan Wake. Armed and weaponized with only enough ammo to make the game petulantly annoying we blast our way shining light upon the dark and dodging evil as if evil were rapid fans eager to strip us from our dignity.

This is Alan Wake, the game, the whole game and it never deviates. Occasionally a few good looking environmental set pieces challenge, but these like the game as a whole can be annoying and not always well executed, presuming that the player knows what is about to happen and should play out the script, except the player's rehearsal is failure, initially not privy to any script and winds up not properly anticipating and failing scenario after scenario such as staying attached to an object for example or not jumping until a grate is dynamically set to 45 degrees ensuring that a jump can be executed in a run sequence.

Besides manuscript pages the game has a number of collectibles. Many can only be obtained through some deviation of your intended path, some exploration required if you will. Though found, they are not recorded until you reach the next checkpoint. The game makes the egregious error of punishing such exploration by removing any collectibles you've discovered upon your failure. The game will restart at the last checkpoint as if nothing has happened. Exploration and the collection of an object may have no quantitative effect of reaching the next checkpoint. Don't demand exploration of already explored areas. Design that wastes time, removes immersion, ultimately stilts the task at hand and actively discourages the very exploring the game was designed for.

Alan Wake, for only it's story, was saved from early termination and towards the end I thought I was not going to finish the game. Bored, desensitized from over used enemy and combat mechanics I just about made it over the finish line. The developers expose a console command to anyone who wants to "customize" the game. -developermenu will allow you unlimited ammo, flares and grenades. Enough essentially to make the game somewhat less but not completely annoying.

Alan Wake; "Like a really bad movie. Who wrote this crap anyway".
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The Last Remnant is a gaming masterpiece with deep battle mechanics and great visual design which stands the test of time. This diary is a journal of my thought processes as I adventured in The Aqueducts, one of the most difficult areas of the game. This
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