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1945 Hitler killed himself in a bunker after being mad from meth abuse and syphilis. 1953 Stalin died alone in a dacha with nobody helping for days after being mad from atherosclesclerosis. 2022 Vlad the Insaner will die alone after being mad from parkinson's making his ♥♥♥♥ not work.
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Путлер Капут! Слава Україні!
Trading games with trading cards for TF2 keys.

1-9 keys = 10 games/key
10-19 keys = 15 games/key
20+ keys = 20 games/key

If you need to get my attention, send a trade offer with a message. Friend requests get mostly ignored.

If you're Russian, please go suck Putler's micropenis so it will grow over 1cm and he won't be so sad about it anymore that he needs to vent his frustration on other countries. We know that all Ukrainians have much bigger balls and penis than him, including the women, but that's not a cause for war.

Ranking the mad dictators by the level of military strategy Hitler was the best, he only tried to invade Russia in winter. Then comes Stalin, he tried to invade Finland in winter. And last and the least, our maddest mad dictator warring in Europe yet, Putler who tries to invade Ukraine who is backed up by every civilized country and destroying his own country's economy just for no gain, only pain.
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