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If you want to add me as your friend, first of all, comment on my profile and make sure I can see your profile . If your profile is private and I don't know you, sorry I can't add you (be ignored). Read my code below for more details.
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You arrived at my profile, yeeeyyy
Hey hey! Before you add me as your friend... Consider understanding this language :

Public bool AcceptFriendRequest(int steamID) {
_SteamStats who_to_check;
_if (Me.Know(steamID)) {
__if (Me.Friends.Count >= Me.Friends.Limit) {
___int[] friends = Me.Friends.GetSteamIDs();
___for (j = 0; j < Me.Friends.Count; j++) {
____who_to_check = Steam.GetStats(friends[j]);
____if ((Me.Banned(friends[j]) || (who_to_check.VACBanned) || (who_to_check.SteamLevel < 1)) {
_____return true;
_} else {
__return false;
_return true;

*To make Me.Know(int) returns true, you must atlest tell who are you , write it on the comment .

Anyway.... Visit my YouTube maybe?

Oh well... For some reason when I was on 100% visual novel achievements adventure, these novels, which I can't really skip the story (because it's too good to be skipped), and deserved to be mention here
- Narcissu | woah voices <3, and sad :(
- Lucid9 | nice story :D
- Cinderella Phenomenon | it's uplifting, nice story btw, the vocal in intro ruins the music duh :(
Uh... DDLC? Nope, it doesn't have any achivements :v
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Hey! If you come here just for trading... Err... Don't add me please -_-
Just use these links :)
SteamTradeMatcher []
Trade Offer Link

Btw I recommended that you offer 1:1, other than that, you may expect declined trade offer.
And also, same games, not with other games :v
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+rep penonton lama pls add
helplessdoll Mar 8 @ 2:25am 
+rep jaman sudah berubah
helplessdoll Mar 3 @ 12:12am 
+rep wes sue ga min rep mbe plus rep
Radipz Aug 30, 2021 @ 8:39am 
Halo gan, apa kabar. Btw congrats yak udah lulus kuliah
BagaspertamaX Aug 19, 2021 @ 10:25pm 
acc bang ada yg perlu saya tanyakan, trims
BagaspertamaX Aug 19, 2021 @ 2:12pm 
acc bang :)