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As a pricing moderator, you can ask me anything pricing or suggestion related.
- Questions about suggesting or active suggestions
- Getting something priced for you
- Help with finding minis
- Etc.

Since I do not have infinite friend slots I occasionally delete people I dont really talk to anymore. For this reason, I may ignore adds if you've sent me a trade offer and also added me, if I already accepted/rejected the offer. Do not take it personally when I do so, and feel free to re-add me or comment on my profile if you wish to add me again.

For other issues (reports and/or bug related), Im probably not the best person to address.

- If you dont trust someone or if a seemingly hightier trader acts shady and offers you large sums of cash on your hats:
> Check their rep. DONT check the rep links they send, but copy their SteamID (rightclick on their steam profile and select "copy page URL" and paste it on or in the search field of 9/10 times, a shady acting person linking your "their rep page" is an impersonator!

- If you've been scammed or suspect someone of being a scammer alt:
> Report the user on the site by going to their profile and click the red flag. Be sure to provide ample evidence! Reports such as "this person is scammer" are usually ignored without proper evidence. Screenshots of chat logs and trade histories that prove your accusations should be present

- If you have a problem with site functions (bug reports, premium/donation bot issues etc):
> Please fill in an issue form on the bptf forums:

- If you have a trust-related issue, or if you've received an invalid negative trust:
> Use the report function to report trusts. You can contact me about it and Ill look at them, but I wont handle all of those cases myself

- If you have forum-related issues:
> My forum powers are very limited, you'll have to contact someone else :P

- I cant (trade)ban someone on Steam, and have no idea how that process works exactly. You'll have to contact Steam Support
- Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT affiliated with SteamRep. I can't mark anyone, nor can I remove marks or caution tags, and am not up-to-date on their policies and guidelines.

~Foamy :3
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SPOILER ALERT: This game contains images of cake.
Portal is an interesting combination of a puzzle and a story. The starting setup looks so simple, but the game builds up to its plot in an intriguing way. It drags you along and somehow manages to play with your feelings (it has succeeded to make me care for a cube :p2cube: ).

- Good story, built up very well
- Funny, witty voice acting
- Interesting puzzle challenges
- Even the enemy turrets in this game are adorable :3
- Has cake

- Limited to the story line (does contain additional extras, but only a few)
- That poor companion cube D':

All in all a great game! Curious? Don't wait any longer and start your duty as a test subject, complete the test chambers, and then there will be cake!

Rating: 8,5/10

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