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Quote : Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once, everybody lives! - Dr. Who "Doctor Dances" (S1, E10)

Age : Old (I got back into steam to play TF2 with my son)

Music makes a great game :

NEVER cheat!

Best Videos for "The Medic" (Nobody Dies) :

Interests : TF2: What is your rarest Achievement? Let me know.

Opinion on some games :
Survival games (e.g., RUST and others): I'm sure this is "obvious to the most casual observer", but here's a good article that discusses survival, turn-of-the-century survival, and firearms that enabled that rough living. Unlike RUST and others, the name-of-the-game was cooperation, and not backstabbing, trickery, or gratuitous murder. Other games, like TF2 allow FPS and combat. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I did:
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Very enjoyable sequel to Defense Grid (DG). Improvements over the original edition were the incorporation of aspects of the “Command Tower” into the Boost tower. The Boost tower does add a bit more of nuance then the original edition. Initial maze creation is less costly with the Boost towers, and careful placement of the Boost tower is still essential in winning the game. If you’ve played the extended versions of the original DG, you’ll find that you will quickly be able to excel at this version. While the Orbital Laser was the only choice of off-world help in the original edition, DG2 does a very good job in expanding the options to allow tower boosts, resource (money) boost, and more. Some levels are well suited to these new options, where the Orbital Laser would have been over-kill or less challenging if used.
Well worth the money, and even better if reduced via a Steam sale price :)
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И снова всем привет! Данное руководство содержит видеоматериалы по второму акту сюжетной линии игры Warhammer 40,000: Regicide. Пройти миссию не составляет труда, однако при попытке выполнить и основную и второстепеную цели возникают трудности. Этот гайд с
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