What's the deal with Helm's Deep Reborn? - A video analysis of SeriouS_Samurai's lies, theft, and malevolent behaviour.

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A bit about me
📰 Nicknames: Jay, J.
#️⃣ Age: 21
🤗 Personality Type: Introvert, Direct, social anxiety.
🗣️ Language(s): English, Luxembourgish, German, French and Italian (Pick whichever is most comfortable for you)

Need some help?

Video Editing 📽️
I'm not a professional video editor, but I quite enjoy editing videos in my spare time.
If you like what I make, I'd be open to taking requests. I can record footage myself, but if you want to provide some, it saves me time.

Beta testing 👨‍💻
If you'd like me to beta test a custom campaign or map, feel free to message me, I'll gladly help.
I specialize in Survival, so I can ensure survival maps are well-rounded, balanced and in addition I can help by reporting bugs and issues that most players would not notice.
Thanks to some basic experience in mapping, I can help by making changes directly to the map as well.

Mods 🎶
I can make small-scale mods, like sound mods, radial menus and basic texture designs, so I'm available to take requests.

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🎮 🎖 My gaming Milestones 🎖 🎮

✔️ Left 4 Dead 2
🏅Survived expert realism solo on every L4D2 campaign.
🏅 30+ Minutes on all official survival maps.
🏆 #10 on Rooftop (51:14.77 - flee, JAiZ, Ohm, Ryu)
🏆 #8 on Riverbank (108:11.17 - [RIP]deinemudda65, drogon, JAiZ, Sun)
🏆 #5 on Bus Depot (131:49.23 - aligator, ʙ ä ᴍ, ⋠Ĝ๏ą✞⋡'ƦэŁĨq., JAiZ)
🥇(🔧Fixed Survival) #1 Record on Stadium gate (51:11.17 - JAiZ, Fr4pe, Sofield, Dro)
🥇(🔧Fixed Survival) #1 solo on Rooftop (11:46.83 - JAiZ) [fixedsurvival.site.nfoservers.com]
🥇(🔧Fixed Survival) #1 duo on Rooftop (9:26.13 - JAiZ, duck) [fixedsurvival.site.nfoservers.com]
🥇(🔧Fixed Survival) #1 trio on Rooftop (12:48.47 - JAiZ, Gravity, angel of darkness) [fixedsurvival.site.nfoservers.com]
🥉(🔧Fixed Survival) #3 on Plantation (27:44.83 - Grλvity, Drogon, JAiZ, Sofield) [fixedsurvival.site.nfoservers.com]
🥉(🔧Fixed Survival) #3 on Riverbank (24:51.20 - Grλvity, Drogon, JAiZ, Sofield) [fixedsurvival.site.nfoservers.com]

✔️ Dead Trigger 2
⭐️Leader of the [ACE] Clan. [www.facebook.com] The very successful, first clan in Dead Trigger 2 history (Now disbanded).
🥇 Ranked #1 in Xuhzou Warfare [imgur.com] Stats: 0 Deaths, 27.229 kills. [imgur.com]
🏆 Tournament global top 10 Ranker (Multiple times). [imgur.com]
🏆 Clan Battles top 3 Ranker (Regularily). [www.facebook.com] (🔧Clan Battles - Community made)
🏅Arena mode wave 102 (without perks/no revives).
🏅Arena mode wave 300+ (with perks/no revives).

✔️ UnKilled
⭐️ First player to reach 1.000.000 score. [imgur.com] (I got a shoutout from the devs!) [imgur.com]
⭐️ Winner of "Steve's Treasure" contest. [imgur.com]
🥇 Global rank #1 (18th Dec. 2015 - 5th Oct. 2016) [imgur.com]
🥉 3rd highest individual mission score (pre-update). [imgur.com]

✔️ OpenITG
🥇Nation-wide #1 ranking player.
🏅Cattolica (Italy) local top 10 rank.

✔️ Call of Duty: World at War
🏅Der Riese wave 105.
🏅 Shi No Numa wave 300 (📱 Mobile version). [i.imgur.com]

✔️ Resident Evil: Revelations (3Ds)
🏅Max level reached.
🏅All weapons and perks unlocked.
🏅Every level passed with Trinity bonus.
🏅Beat Ghost Ship solo.

Legend / Meaning of icons:
✔️ Game
⭐️ Unique Achievement
🥇 Ranked 1st
🥈 Ranked 2nd
🥉 Ranked 3rd
🏆 Top 10 rank
🏅 Unranked Milestone
🔧 Non-Vanilla gamemode / custom gamemode
📱 Mobile game / Mobile version
Favorite Group
Top 10s for every OFFICIAL map! Screenshots and dates included!
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Projekt34 Your God Nov 22 @ 8:32am 
+rep carrying greek players in L4D2.
Just stop that.
groX Oct 27 @ 10:38am 
whats poppin :boomer:
avaster Jul 27 @ 4:31pm 
Buy my gamergirl bathwater
£9.99 for only 1/1,000 cubic metre
Ryan Jul 16 @ 1:18pm 
understandably i don't think he hunts down or adds people.
but you'll notice he's got a steam group chat or something.
JAiZ Jul 16 @ 1:16pm 
If he wants to talk to me he can contact me anytime, since he seems a bit busy atm, I'll read through his profile's comments a bit later
Ryan Jul 16 @ 9:44am 
This community volunteer moderator could help us against Helm's Deep.
He's now requesting the kind of information and evidence you and Xana have.