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If you are wondering how I got some broken/pointless achievements:
"Addict" (idling it normally to 8888 hours anyway)
Any other achievements were done normally, except a couple of brokens where the fix is ok.
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Goals & feats
Uplay 100% achievements and challenges:
:100percent: Far Cry 3
:100percent: Far Cry 4
:100percent: Far Cry 5
:100percent: Far Cry New Dawn

My limited 100%:
Currently 10467 achievements in 131 games

Removed games:
According to steam tracker, I currently own 411 removed + purchase disabled apps.

:d2bloodseeker:Left 4 Dead 2 - 26/26 hehe campaigns (2 players + 2 bots) on medium diff, no cheats
:d2bloodseeker:Terminator: Resistance - Infiltrator mode - WR - 9099 score
:d2bloodseeker:Far Cry 3 - 100% in-game progress, max difficulty, full stealth on outposts
:d2bloodseeker:Cyberpunk 2077 - 100% on maximum difficulty
:d2bloodseeker:Left 4 Dead 1 - survival - 30+ minutes on all 20 maps
:d2bloodseeker:Left 4 Dead 2 - survival - 20+ minutes on all 43 maps

Masochistic feats:

:d2bloodseeker: Far Cry New Dawn - All Outposts - Pure Ninja [no special ammo, max difficulty]
:d2bloodseeker: DUSK - all levels on DUSKMARE [no saves, no soap, intruder, completionist, hitless]
:d2bloodseeker: Hard Reset Extended Total Score Glitchless WR (14503) + all secrets and nanos
:d2bloodseeker: Left 4 Dead - No Mercy Expert No Bots Glitchless (YOLO RUN)
:d2bloodseeker: Aragami max difficulty S ranks/yolo/max score 13/13
:d2bloodseeker: Devil Daggers V3 - "Devil Dagger" achievement 502.3048 sec run.
:d2bloodseeker: Dustforce DX - Giga difficulty SS
:d2bloodseeker: One Finger Death Punch - Survival Mode 7209 kills (madness shown after 7005)
:d2bloodseeker: Alien Shooter: Revisited missions 8-10 [impossible difficulty]
:d2bloodseeker: Once Upon A Tower - Escaping with chicken (0 deaths run)

:d2bloodseeker: kuso + LOVE AAA speedrun (41 level)
:d2bloodseeker: Soundodger+ Bill Kiley - Foxtail Socks (100% + heart)
:d2bloodseeker: Getting Over It - Sub 10 minutes run
:d2bloodseeker: METAL SLUG 1 - 1cc full playthrough [Solo]
:d2bloodseeker: 140 - Mirrored level 4

:d2bloodseeker: High Hell done in 7:57:144 + YOLO
:d2bloodseeker: Golfing Over It - Sub-300 hits run
:d2bloodseeker: Boson X - Anti X Boson discovered
:d2bloodseeker: Linea, The Game - Final level (60 seconds)
:d2bloodseeker: You Have 10 Seconds - All achievements (YOLO + sub-5 speedrun)
:d2bloodseeker: Shutter speedrun achievement
:d2bloodseeker: The Hat Man speedrun achievement
:d2bloodseeker: Near Death - Condition 1 difficulty playthrough
:d2bloodseeker: Mini-Dead - "What Have You Done?"
:d2bloodseeker: Just Ski - Front flips only

:d2bloodseeker: Camellia - Exit This Earth's Atomosphere (200step remix) [Primordial Nucleosynthesis] B rank
:d2bloodseeker: Camellia - Feelin Sky (200step remix) [Ambivalence] B rank
:d2bloodseeker: Vickeblanka - Black Rover [Extreme] my first 7* FC (almost mouse-only)
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last played on Oct 27
5,158 hrs on record
last played on Oct 26
1,450 hrs on record
last played on Oct 26
Fateless Oct 24 @ 4:32pm 
26k achievements, you're a badass sir

Have a great week there and have fun gaming and achievement hunting! :jawagrin:
Maplestrike Oct 20 @ 6:24am 
He is back! :D
mxgnxm Oct 15 @ 4:12am 
ты не человек, ты монстр (в хорошем смысле)
Wastafel Jul 6 @ 5:56pm 
Mate, like how. Genuinely impressed
paul_trunks May 29 @ 11:27pm 
25k achievements, well done:steamthumbsup:
Rainer May 21 @ 9:16am 
WOW :100percent::2018thebesteye: Congrats! :praisesun: