Patrick Jr.
Patrick Jr.   Walsall, Walsall, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
I enjoy capturing screenshots of games and have a fondness for virtual photography and the use of photomodes.
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Py-Bun created an exceptional portrait of me, and I later added my own background to it from my profile.

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My collection of awesome Sheep Emotes!


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Occasionally, I stream on Twitch. If you're interested, you can tune in and watch me live at

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I am receiving many friend requests. Please let me know the reason for adding me in the comments section. Thank you. If no comment is provided, I will not accept the invite.

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Want me to create a Poster for your workshop item? Add me, and we'll talk
Workshop items I've made posters for so far!
Pin Pals
L'homme Burglerre
Goldeneye Alyx - Runway (Demo)
The Liberator Pistol
Aces High - Great Return Edition

I am frequently online on Steam and available almost all the time. If I do not respond, it means I am either sleeping or away from my computer. Rest assured, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Sending my love to all of you <3

λwesome PatrickJr
Greetings, my name is PatrickJr and I am recognized for my SFM Posters. All are welcome to connect with me. However, please refrain from asking inquiries that can be easily found through a simple Google search. I do not provide easy answers and believe the best way to learn is through hands-on experience with the tools and games. This way, you will not have to rely on others for information.

Thanks for visiting my Steam Profile:
I kindly request that you do not add me for the purpose of trading. I do not engage in trading with individuals I am not familiar with. If you add me, I will research your profile on Steam Rep and other platforms to verify your identity.

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λwesome Source Filmmaker
If you need assistance with creating a poster in SFM, I am available to help. I have experience with painting items and using particles, and I keep my knowledge up-to-date with every TF2 update by incorporating new hats and weapons. I have completed over 400 SFM posters to date and am open to requests of all sizes. Please get in touch with me at sfmrequest[AT]

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If you would like to request an SFM poster, please feel free to reach out to me at sfmrequest[AT] Please note that I do not accept TF2 items as a form of payment.

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This Person is super cool!

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I collect ♥'s and share ♥'s; if you give me a ♥, I will give you one back.

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I frequently receive requests to be added as a friend with the intention of asking VALVᴱ-related questions or asking me to send messages to my VALVᴱ friends. However, please note that just because I am friends with some VALVᴱ employees, it does not give me any special privileges or priority over others. If you need assistance, please submit a ticket.

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[SFM] Hitman: World of Assassination
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A modification that increases the size of blood pools for a more intense experience. Although simple, it is my first attempt at creating a mod for Kenshi.
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