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Alyx Bond - Runway (Demo)
Type: Alyx Addon
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May 30 @ 11:22am
May 30 @ 1:25pm
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Alyx Bond - Runway (Demo)

Your time has finally come, Agent Alyx Bond.

Play the first chapter “Complex” in an experience that is unlike any other as you enter into Soviet Combine territory.

Alyx Bond: Runway is the infusion of over 21 developers who worked hard to bring out the best in Source 2. Featuring custom composed audio soundtracks, voice actors, custom assets, animations, new gameplay mechanics, weapons, and enemies to fight, this demo will give you an example of what to expect from the 8+ hour campaign.

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Eagle One Development Team

Project Lead: Sami "ChimonaHehe#9488" Alayoubi
Lead Level Designer: Gunnar "G Kaf#6440" Kafel
Audio Engineer / Composer: Beauman "beaumancer#7278" Edwards
Environment Artist: Vilhelm "VeeSaus#5882" Faldbakken
Environment Artist: Colin "FireKeep#3757" Medinis
Environment Artist: Darkhawke#5954
Environment Artist: Jake "JakeSayingWoosh#6870" K
Debugging / Optimization: Brian "generic_icon#0809" Pan
Introduction Scene: Adrian "Adesi" Kopietz
Animator: Zach “Whimsical#6603” Herndon
Animator: Atlas "Komegatze#7651"
Motion Capture: Ethan “Validator#7874” Wallstedt
Texture Artist: Adrian "Paradox" B
Music Composer: Jorge Jimenez#1201
Contributing Entity Scripting: Matthew "mshee32#0226" S
In-game artwork: Sasha "CheekiBreekio#2799" Kharsyuk
Cover artwork: Francesca "France#6720" Magali
Game Consultant: Maarten "marnamai" Frooninckx
Game Consultant: iohnnyboy
Game Consultant: Guillaume Jouve "LieutenantMaster"
SFM Shots: Patrick "PatrickJr#2135" Caulton
Voice Acting 008: Jeremy "JerasTheBear#2059" Van Elgort
Voice Acting Overwatch: Ronald Hamrák - Discord - RonaldVA#3491

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cjp232008 Sep 19 @ 1:34am 
so i tried this and now i have severe virginity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhgPHk58hr8
mmckeever Sep 5 @ 2:31pm 
Excellent! The details are incredible and just the sound of the pistol is quality. I can't wait for the full release.
LovablePWNER Sep 5 @ 2:01pm 
Fantastic work!
SavageJoe Sep 3 @ 9:17pm 
so many cool details
pythonographeringling Sep 2 @ 2:05pm 
What a a great mod! I have a fear of the headcrabs, and am so, so, so happy that I could experience some of the fights against the Combine without needing to be so scared all the time! Simply amazing, felt like it was part of the original game. Way to go!
My game keeps crashing before I even find anyone to fight. I have other mods on, so maybe that's interfering?
netsrak Aug 24 @ 9:52am 
Finished the demo, this mod is beyond awesome! Do you guys have an estimate when the whole campaign will be out? I would pay money to play it, but I guess you can't charge for mods, or can you?
netsrak Aug 22 @ 8:05am 
I love the level design and artwork so far, good balancing and enemies. But there is one issue I often have with Alyx mods: I find the music much too loud! and since it is mostly not possible to turn down separately (like the "Battle music" or what it's called) so I have to either turn down audio completely or bear the painfully loud music. Please make it less loud or adjustable (Battle music)! The rest is so awesome!
mafia555 Aug 7 @ 3:22am 
That's a great campaign! I'm looking forward to the other parts of it.
I also met a little bug: when I equiped a pistol upgrade, the "Boss" (not sure how to name the man who talks to me instead of Russel) shout out "Agent downed!" or something like that, while the subtitles were telling the correct reply (something about the upgrade of the pistol that I got).
GHOST Jul 27 @ 1:47pm 
very good story