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[REDACTED]   Seattle, Washington, United States
Toast is my arch nemesis. it has been melting my kind for generations, and at last it is the time for revenge... My Buttery Vengeance!


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~Stuff & Things~
:COCtentacles: Name: None ya business.
:COCtentacles: Gender: Whatever you want me to be, bb. ;)
:COCtentacles: Favorite color: Dark purple.
Things I like
:COCtentacles: Cute things.
:COCtentacles: Spooky things.
:COCtentacles: Fire & explosions.
:COCtentacles: Cows.
Things I dislike
:COCtentacles: Furries.
:COCtentacles: Acronyms.
:COCtentacles: This person.
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:COCtentacles: Discord. [discord.gg]
:COCtentacles: Youtube.
:COCtentacles: Twitch. [www.twitch.tv]
:COCtentacles: Newgrounds. [butteryvengeance.newgrounds.com]
:COCtentacles: Warframe Market. [warframe.market]
:COCtentacles: Trade Link.
Favorite Games
:COCtentacles: Left 4 Dead 2
:COCtentacles: Warframe
:COCtentacles: Halo: MCC
:COCtentacles: Team Fortress 2
:COCtentacles: Killing Floor 2
:COCtentacles: Vermintide 2
:COCtentacles: Geometry Dash
:COCtentacles: Bloons TD6
:COCtentacles: Monster Hunter: World
:COCtentacles: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
Cool People
:COCtentacles: Brother
:COCtentacles: Best friend
:COCtentacles: Best friend 2

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~Games Gifted to Me~
Games Gifted to Me
- Doom Eternal: SRToy
- Subnautica: SRToy
- MH:W: Iceborne: SRToy
- Sonic Generations: SRToy
- Last Year: SRToy
- Garry's Mod: SRToy
- Risk of Rain 2: Heist
- Totally Accurate Battlegrounds: Heist
- Titanfall 2: Heist
- Journey: Heist
- Devil Daggers: Heist
- Borderlands 3 DLCs: Heist
- Destiny 2: Beyond Light: Heist
- Call of Duty: Ghosts: Heist
- Borderlands 3: CALEBAKACNOTE
- Dying Light 1 & 2: CALEBAKACNOTE
- Resident Evil 6 CALEBAKACNOTE
- Dead Rising 1 & 4: CALEBAKACNOTE
- Hunt: Showdown: Kiyowaka
- Project Winter: Kiyowaka
- Darkest Dungeon: Kiyowaka
- Gears 5: Kiyowaka
- Madness: Project Nexus: Snow
- Amnesia: Rebirth: Snow
- Bloodstained: ROTN: Snow
- DBD Silent Hill: Snow
- Company of Heroes: Grey_Kn1ght
- Various Payday 2 DLCs: Grey_Kn1ght
- Red Dead Online: Grey_Kn1ght
- Far Cry 5: Grey_Kn1ght
- Hollow Knight: Patch
- Dead Rising 3: KandyKlown
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I changed windows settings to make my time april first then i just did the tutorial as normal
Spiritus Tenebrosus Nov 25 @ 9:32am 
Can you please tell me how did you got April Fools achievement on Muse Dash? I'm trying to get all the achievements :marijaonlooker:
Solid Boyfriend. :eyes:
SchizoSushi Nov 12 @ 10:48am 
solid scout mwa
Dakota Nov 8 @ 6:05pm 
:KittySkas: your a little weird but you got spirit