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CPU: > AMD FX-6300 Black Edition Six-Core 3.5 GHz
RAM: > 24 GB, no pagefile
HDD: > A LOT (over 8TB accumulated), main HDD for games: WDC WD4005FZBX 4TB
Monitor: > 27" Dell P2714H Professional
Monitor2: > Samsung SyncMaster
Headphones: > YENKEE HORNET 3010
Racing Wheel: > Logitech Driving Force GT, Microsoft A16-00029 SideWinder Force Feedback
Joystick: > Thrustmaster HOTAS ONE, Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro
OS: > Windows 10 Pro 64-bit EN, Mageia 7.1 64-bit EN
Case: > Maxcube Xenic 6030 black-silver
Chair: > DXRacer Formula Black/Yellow

CPU: > Intel Core i7-3632QM 2.20 GHz
GPU: > NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M
RAM: > 8 GB, pagefile
Headphones: > Razer Chimaera 5.1
KB: > Microsoft SideWinder X6
MS: > A4tech Bloody Terminator TL9 Core 2
Racing Wheel: > (good old) Microsoft Sidewinder FF Wheel
OS: > Windows 10 Pro 64-bit EN, Mageia 7.1 64-bit EN

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Real name: Michael Slíva
Age: 21
From: Czech Republic
Happily taken by the best girl Mitsuki997

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[h1]Reworked and Updated now with an online manual![/h1]

About the game:
Fanorona is a strategy board game for two players that originally comes from Madagascar where is also still very popular today.

The game is played on a board lined with
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Created by - MagicD3VIL
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To start I didn't own the previous edition of the game. I found this game randomly but I must say despite a few minor (mostly audio) bugs I was surprised how this game plays.

The gameplay is very similar to older Street Fighter games so I was more than happy about that. The gameplay is mostly smooth and it is very little to no input lag. The game also does feature Online PVP even tho the column with the tags on the Steam Store does not say so. Overall well made fighter game by an indie studio that's worth the price.

Fight Angel features a very detailed character creator which makes it well distinctive among other fighter games. After every fight, you'll get coins and you can spend those coins in a store to buy new clothes for your Angel waifu. Local and Online plays well so far (works well with RemotePlay too). Breast physics and clothing damage is a thing (only to underwear tho). Variety of character types with a lot of different combos and attacks. Fairly easy gameplay even for players not familiar with fighter games.

There are audio glitches, that make the sound volume options not functioning so you'll often end up with waterfall in the background blasting your ears off because it's somehow not affected by audio volume settings (current fix is to set your audio to max in the game and lower the audio of the game via Windows Volume Mixer). The gameplay can seem clunky at first when you are coming from other games like Tekken. The story mode is not very rich nor voiced over.

7/10 - great graphics and physics and overall very enjoyable gameplay but still needs more polishing and translation is sometimes strange to read

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