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This is one of the better games I've played in recent times. You can call it a Fallout knock-off if you want, but in most ways it leaves the Bethesda made Fallouts for dead, not the least of which is how colourful it is compared to the bland greys and browns of the Fallout world. This game is worth it for those with patience to deal with tough combat and a brutal learning curve.

The good

Massive game world
Incredibly detailed world too - snow, rain, desert, forest, oceans, ruined factories and cities. It's all colourful, no Fallout grey and brown here.
Incredible amount of things to explore and find
Good story, good twists and turns
Lots of hidden nooks and crannies in out of way places, always something around the corner
Game gives you a real sense of being on a ruined world that people are trying to rebuild
Faction-based approach gives differing perspectives on how things should be done
Lots of skills to develop
Awesome crafting options
Interesting combination of magic, the primitive and the high tech
Challenging combat (but see The Bad)
Some genuinely spooky and tense places in game
Great day/night cycle - game takes on an eerie edge at night
Excellent sound effects, world noises, environmental sounds, monster growls etc
40+ hours of gameplay, more if you are a completionist

The bad

The combat can be problematical in close quarters, especially with friendlies and companion, end up hitting them
Can't cancel combat animations, which leaves you open to attack as you finish swinging your axe/sword or firing a gun etc
NPC AI can be utterly dumb - mobs will often kill themselves by firing rockets/grenades into walls at point blank range
Companion AI isn't smart either, a lot of the time they will stand around while you fight
Few ways to solve quests other than combat
Limited NPC faces
Some of the voice acting is terrible
Music can be repetitive
Can take a while to equip yourself decently, dealing with a lot of deaths in the meantime and may throw off a few people
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