Favorite bands - Suicide Silence, Chelsea Grin, Whitechapel.
My mind is filled with suicidal tendencies :)
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Here's some info about my shelf.

Main Information.

DotA player, Ex - pro CS 1.6 player, a try-harding uni guy, an old-school Lineage II player.

If you would like to know, I'm an avid anime fan.

Anime's that I'm currently watching and that I've finished by now:
Naruto (first season full, Shippuden full)
King of Bandit Jing (full)
Death Note (still on it)
Berserk (still watching)
JoJo (all parts of anime+still reading the manga)
Bleach (gone past 100+ series)

My birthday- 07.06.2000 22 yo.

My smurf accounts:

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You can contact me in different ways :
Skype - disk_lamer48
VK -
Uplay - VeRm1lL10N


A bunch of unnecessary information about me and my hobbies.

I am a man spending my last money buying DotA 2 items rather than a little bit to eat. I'm a sociopath, melancholic and phlegmatic. Hopeless hardcore gamer and fan of the gaming industry. Young artist, a kif of indie breakouts and a lover of adventure films. I can not stand alone, therefore - very sociable person.
Music man: I like classic, rock, metal, country in all their manifestations (yes, it happens). The list of my favorite artists is really huge, but more than any other I worship Manson, Cobain, Osborne.
Often peek on these guys on YouTube : PewDiePie, TheBrainDit, SuperAlexWorld and JesusAVGN. Their videos are just incredibly fun. :s

And English is my glorious and well-known friend.


Favorite games.

What are my favorite games? Well ...
Among my favorite games, I just can not allocate such series as Dragon Age, The Elder Scrolls, and Saints Row. They captivated me, even though they are very different from each other. About one-fifth of the legendary series Scrolls, - Skyrim.
More fiercely, wildly adore all of the Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Mass Effect, BioShock, Heroes Of Might And Magic, Far Cry and The Walking Dead.

Ah, yes, recently I have been really actively playing The Devil May Cry series, familiarity with which I started with the second. And I, as a person from 00's childhood adoring every war or a gun theme, play this wonderful creation of Infinity Ward and Treyarch was simply a delight for the soul. My God, ten out of ten. <3

But my favorite game character is, perhaps, Waas Montenegro from Far Cry 3. In my opinion, his charisma itsself pulled the whole Far Cry 3. And his incredible voice and intonation in the Russian voice acting ... Ah!
How was I sorry to leave this crazy pirate story. T_T



Well, that, perhaps, is all. Thank you for reading! By Konstantine
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