Absintilia Kocheu
28   Belgium
Lesbian girl.
Love anything gore, kinky or related to seizing the means of production. Mostly playing DBD. VN lover :saya: Guro/Ryona enjoyer :UnderPartySmile:
Salty, calling me a noob? I don't care, i love it, please add salty comments on my profile.

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 ⠑⠊    ⢰    ⠇ ⢸  ⡇⡇  ⡇  ⢳⣿⣿⣿⣿⡇
    ⢠⠃    ⡸ ⡎    ⡜ ⡇   ⡇    ⠻⡏⠻⣿⣿⣄
    ⣔⣁⣀⣀⡠⠁ ⠈⠉⠉⠁⣎⣀⣀⡸


My life's a cycle of sufferings lurking under happiness, and sufferings to find pleasure in.
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Xpatch 2.0 for POSTAL 2 Still the best FPS ever after 20years
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Animes and VN to watch checklist

Higurashi ☑
Oshi no ko
Attack on Titan
Asobi Asobase ☑
Another ☑
Rakuen Tsuihou
Nekopara ☑
Boku No Hero ☑
Sounan Desu Ka ? ☑
Senran Kagura ☑
Back Street Girls -GOKUDOLS- ☑
Shimoneta ☑
Sonicomi Anime
Date A Live
Ikki Tousen
Aho Girl ☑
Redo Of Healer
Dog & Scissors ☑
Boku No Pico Just don't
Pupa ☑
Corpse party ☑
Kodomo no jikan
Kiss X Sis ☑
School days ☑
Oji to warawanai neko
Puella Magi Madoka Magica. ☑
Happy Sugar Life ☑

Long Games Series :
Senran Kagura ☑

VN (and few rpg):

You and me and her ☑
Corpse Party ☑ (first one only)
Nekopara ☑ (vol 2 3 4 left)
Higurashi When they cry ☑
Cross Princess
Date A Live
Danganronpa ☑
Danganronpa 2
Danganronpa 3
Phoenix Ace Trilogy
Milk inside a bag of milk inside a bag of milk ☑
Dark Hero Party
Wild Romance : Mofu Mofu Edition
Catgirl and doggirl cafe
Trap Shrine/Legend/Genesis
Love & Sex: Second Base
Fox Hime
Friendship with benefits ☑
School days
Song Of Saya ☑
G-senjou no Maou - The Devil on G-String
Katawa Shoujo ☑
Shiny Days
School Days
Cross days

Sakura Sadist. ☑
Sakura Succubus

DDLC mods :

Doki Doki Storm ☑
Doki Doki Rainclounds ☑
MC Revenge ☑
Doki Doki Meme Club ☑
Doki Doki Longer Roads ☑
Doki Doki Purist ☑
Sayori says no to suicide ☑
Just Yuri Mod ☑
Monika afterstory ☑
Yandere club ☑
SayoriDate ☑
Fallen Angel ☑
Outcast ☑
Tripping Backwards ☑
A Brand new day
Salvation ☑
Yuri Parable ☑
Magical Literary Heroine Natsuki Saves The Literature Club!
Relapse ☑
Doki Doki Blueskies
Exit music
Doki Doki Comedy Club
Special Days
The Super Mario Bros. Super Literature Club! ☑
Doki Doki Encore
Spark Of Hope
Fruits of LC
Somnium ☑
A Date with Yuri
Doki Doki Thot Club
Let her fall
Waluigi club
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Sayori - "The (not so) Family-Friendly Noose Song" Music Video
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League of Maidens
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Creepy Sayori
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Yuri tattoo
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POV you got caught ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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As a person who has lots of sex all the time, i can say that this game is 100% accurate to having sex with sexy ponies. like i do. everyday. this game did not make me horny however. i am a clopper. i just have too much sex with real ponies to spend more than 15 minutes in this game, on the other hand i would recommend this game to people who do not have sex (unlike me because i have lots of sex with ponies a lot) as there is a naked mare in it and she is naked, she kinda looks like one of my many ponies who i have sex with a lot. I have lots of sex. i also an very handsome and equidaes ALWAYS want to have sex with me because i am very muscular and handsome and very good at video games. all my ponies say im very good at sex and playing video games and being handsome, one of my mares asked me to have sex with it but i told it i was playing a sex game instead so it started crying and became a lesbian mare and killed herself because i did not have sex with her. i have sex with mares. not stallions. i am a clopper. I am very cool and handsome so ponies always have sex with me because i am very cool and sexy. my penis is very big. all my mares like my penis because it is very big and i am very good at sex with my ponies. every ponies ive had sex with is very sexy and so am i. i have lots of sex. i am also very handsome and sexy and have lots of sex.
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Play With Me. Minor Key on Church Organ
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Created by - Daunmustdie
it isn't my artwork but this gif is pretty good anyway ;)
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A masterpiece for Ryona/Guro enjoyers, the graphics and the music are amazing
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