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This game is currently in the Humble Choice for October 2022, this is part of my coverage of the bundle. If you are interested in the game and it's before November 1st, 2022, consider picking up the game as part of the current monthly bundle.

Time loops with a Dishonored style.

Deathloop traps the player in a time loop, each time the player dies the game starts over giving players a single day to explore four different areas and try to break the loop. The day takes place over 4 segments and each area changes throughout the day. The focus is on getting the player to discover how to take out each of the eight targets.

Deathloop is hard to explain and after the four hours I played on Game Pass so far, I’m probably just out of the tutorial, though I’ve said that multiple times before. This is an engaging and interesting game, and it has all the same style as Arkane’s previous titles, Dishonored.

Pick this up if you like the idea of time loops, or stealth, while you might be able to go guns blazing eventually, you’re going to have to be cautious in this title at first. Also, there’s a lot of swearing, like enough I feel I must bring it up here. However, the story is solid and the writing is excellent. I’m excited to play more, and I’m glad to have this in my library.

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The Milkman 7 hours ago 
Hi I read your one of your review for saints row. I know this is odd. But I just got this super awesome vibe from you. I'm a 3D modeler and I have aspirations to one day make a small really good game with a few people. I want to do something that is perfect. I'm so tired of seeing the gaming industry dying from self destruction. Im going to send you a friend request, take it, leave it idc. I just really felt the review you left and wanted to reach out.
Darkside Sep 18 @ 10:03am 
thank you for working on SR2 <3
Twiig Sep 12 @ 10:12pm 
Fellow achievement hunter! :praisesun:
Ionut V Aug 31 @ 6:50am 
Wolfman Jul 27 @ 1:12pm 
Literally my favourite YouTube reviewer of humble choice. :winter2019cooldog: I can't tell you how much I appreciate your videos. :necroheart:
Monte-bonne journ..éééé Jul 10 @ 2:50am 
Can I add you on steam friends? I'm curious about what else you play :D