Bluberry <3   Limburg, Belgium
Discord - Jakey#0673 | uPlay - JakeyF_

I convert a Zeus into an AK or M4 with one simple trick
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Hello! My name is Jakey, or just Jake, whichever works. I'm a self taught programmer, making stuff for fun here and there. I haven't really gone "professional", but may pursue that someday :p
I also like playing games, watching epic movies (John Wick!) and listening to music (Which is what I'm basically doing 24/7..)
I'm not really the most talkative person, so if I kinda leave you hanging, sorry about that >.>
Takes me a bit to get a little more talkative :p

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-rep I saw him jump in vent on cams
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mmm i'm a microwave too
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