Bluberry <3   Limburg, Belgium
19yo Gay Belgian Dude
Speak 🇳🇱 & 🇬🇧, Learning 🇳🇴 @ A1-A2
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I know quite some stuff about Half-Life & Portal's lore. Very good franchises.

I enjoy playing Pyro in MvM. I don't care if "we don't need Pyro.", I will play Pyro if I feel like it, with whatever flamethrower I feel like playing. Usually my Nostromo Napalmer. Alien is lovely.

Most of my time playing TF2, is spent on MvM. I play it for the fun of it (Yes, Mann up too), and I won't bow down to people bit​ching about what and how I should play. I'm usually down to play, so if you want to, go ahead and shoot me a message!

The mandatory Two Cities Statistics, ofc; 6 Aussies in 40 Tours
My good friend Emu has been there for every single one of them ;)

What the dog doin'?

I spend most of my time playing video games, watching Netflix and/or listening to music. It just be like that.

I sometimes poke around in VRChat. Most of the time that you'll see me playing I'll either be playing with close friends or (trying to) work on avatars.

If I'm not doing any of those, I'm probably pulling my hair out with Unity (VRC unrelated...) , also trying to figure out how to work with that in a more general sense. Stuff like scenebuilding, posing (see below) or just randomly poking around trying to make stuff. It's fun when it works
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Source Radio
A Radio that includes music from (most) Source games, including the Half-Life/2 Franchise & Expansions, Team Fortress 2, Portal and Portal 2!

This is a Simple-To-Use Radio to play music from the aforementioned Source games, so you can
914 ratings
Created by - Jakey
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Easily the best horror game I've played. Actually made me quietly start crying, ouch
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Get more angry over beta cs2 bro
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Sorry :/
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This not my problem CS2 getting crash
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If something so specific is required, I do take commissions for gmod stuffs.