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Due to random friend requests that turn out to be bots or scammers, all friend requests will be ignored unless you comment first or I am expecting a friend request from you. Thank you for your understanding.
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Revadike 9. led. v 6.04 
+REP IHeartGaming is an amazing trader, recommended!
Revadike 9. led. v 4.54 
Added you as friend to complete our barter.vg trade! Please accept my steam friend request.
paulanocom 11. pro. 2022 v 18.39 
I am interested in the game you are selling. Do you accept PayPal / Steam gifts?
丨ㄒ卂匚卄丨 11. pro. 2022 v 10.18 
+Rep. Good trader
AndrewBaton 30. zář. 2022 v 7.23 
+rep, fast and kind trader!
WetKnee 8. čvn. 2022 v 7.58 
+rep good trader!