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BackpackTF [backpack.tf]
SteamTrades [steamtrades.com]

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lowstar.hu May 29 @ 12:32pm 
RIP Munchy
󠁳⁧⁧goigois1 May 21 @ 8:49am 
Have a nice day! :D: :cure:
󠁳⁧⁧goigois1 May 17 @ 12:43pm 
:emofdr: :rheartr:
not лёхаツ Apr 20 @ 6:55am 
+rep nice profile
¡ ๛༢ Jan 15 @ 2:20am 
膩I嶮薤篝爰曷樔黎㌢´  `ⅷ
艇艀裲f睚鳫巓襴骸    贒憊
殪幢緻I翰儂樔黎夢'”    ,ィ傾
盥皋袍i耘蚌紕偸′    雫寬I
悗f篝嚠篩i縒縡齢     Ⅷ辨f
輯駲f迯瓲i軌帶′     `守I厖孩
幢儂儼巓襴緲′          `守枢i磬廛
嚠篩I縒縡夢'´              `守峽f
蚌紕襴緲′    +REP      ‘守畝
f瓲軌揄′             ,gf毯綴
鳫襴鑿緲               奪寔f厦
絨緲′                    ”'罨悳
巓緲′                   綴〟 ”'罨椁
巓登嶮 薤篝㎜㎜ g    緲    甯體i爺綴。, ”'罨琥
I軌襴暹 甯幗緲fi'   緲',纜  贒i綟碕碚爺綴。 ”'罨皴
巓襴驫 霤I緲緲   纜穐  甯絛跨飩i髢綴馳爺綴。`'等誄
󠁳⁧⁧goigois1 Jan 7 @ 6:56am