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What can I say? It's The Witcher. Much improved over the second game, wayyyyy better than the first. However, you should play the first two to truly enjoy this, as you can import your saves into each sequel. If you've played the first two, you know what to expect. Monster-hunting, political scheming, sorceresses (and the option to bed them, despite smelling like last week's nekker kill), problem-solving, and plenty of choices, some that will give you the feels despite your best efforts. There's a lot more to do in this installment compared to the first two. Not just quests and contracts, but plenty of reason to explore, too. You'll find monster dens and nests, abandoned residences (which you can clear monsters out of and people will return), bandits' hideouts, guarded treasures, people in need of rescuing, places of Power (which give you a bonus to signs and an Ability point for each one you find), and so on. It's an actual open world, unlike the first two, where you finish one area and can't go back. You're free to travel back to each of the areas at any time, regardless of what point in the game you are at.

There are some other new features in this installment, such as the use of crossbows, and the ability to ride horses and use small boats to travel. One of the running jokes in this game is that Geralt names every one of the horses he's owned, Roach. Oftentimes Geralt will have to use his new "Witcher senses" to find clues about missing persons or murders. There are also now two types of craftsmen, armorers and blacksmiths, which make only armor or weapons, respectively. Your gear also degrades with use, so you have to repair them either by going to a craftsman, or using repair kits. You no longer have to meditate to drink potions; like in the first game, you can drink them at any time, provided you're not in a battle or you have some in your quick slots. Food and drink items also make a return, which, like potions, must be put in quick slots to use in battle. Geralt can now hunt wild animals such as deer and rabbits, which provide food and skins for crafting. There are now environmental hazards such as swamp or fungi gas, insects, and fire. I've been told that weather effects such as extreme cold and snow can drain your vitality as well, though I haven't gotten that far yet.

Speaking of weather, rain and wind effects in this game are amazing. Trees are whipped violently around in the wind, rain soaks peoples' skin and clothing (though not Geralt's, oddly enough), and NPCs will curse sorceresses and seek shelter under a roof when it pours. Water in general looks fantastic, and vegetation and trees look realistic and react to the weather. Wolves now prowl the wilds and attack in packs, sometimes in the company of wargs. And of course, you'll come across nekkers, drowners, endregas, noonwraiths, and the like. There are new creatures such as rock trolls, godlings and botchlings (shudder) as well.

As of this writing, I've played over 42 hours and I'm barely scratching the surface of this game. If you want an action RPG that is worth your time and will provide many, many, many hours of enjoyment, this is the one. I daresay it makes Skyrim look like chid's play in comparison.
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