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Avast ye, matey! Give up yer plunder, lest we send ye down tae Davey Jones' lockerrr!
Over the top pirate language like this contributes to our overall "enough with the pirates already"-attitude and it speaks for Risen 2 to refrain from exactly that. Yes, Risen 2 is essentially about pirates in a Caribbean-like setting, fighting each other with sabres and pistols and sailing the oceans in pursuit of treasure. All of this is more of a setpiece, though, as this game is a sequel to the first Risen, which only featured a handful of pirate-like characters. Being a sequel, Risen 2 does what Risen 1 did, only better. The combat is more refined (though still wonky, more later), the story was expanded and everything looks even better. Considering this is a low-medium budget title, the graphics are gorgeous, with the exception of character models.

Risen 2 is a classic PC RPG, third person and with a healthy balance between action-oriented combat and interactive narratives. Depending on how interested in the story and sidequests you are, you will spend most of your time talking to people. The English VO is, unliike the early Gothics or even Risen 1, not as terrible as it used to be, although you will run into various people with the same voice over and over again. Combat is definitely not one of Risen 2's big strengths, as it ofttimes feels unresponsive and flatout unfair, when fighting against multiple opponents. It turns out some of the fighting-styles just are not very good in this game. My tip would be to stay away from a purely melee-focused build and invest in firearms, throwing weapons or magic. Also be sure to have a companion with you whenever possible, as they make everything a lot easier. Risen 2 does enough to keep you interested, offering a plethora of different skills, including some for forging swords and even firearms, to alchemy and Voodoo, this game's magic. Speaking of Voodoo, at one point in the game you'll have to decide whether to ally with the Inquisition (sort of like colonial marines) or the natives (your standard, dark-skinned indigenous people), which will affect how the rest of your game is played. Not only will you have access to their specific areas of expertise (natives use primitive weapons and magic while the Inquisition favours muskets), you will also have different possibilities to tackle some of the quests, with Voodoo clearly being the more entertaining choice as it lets you take over certain characters for a while and speak with their voice.

My complete playthrough of Risen 2 took me 24 hours in total, with a good amount of exploration and sidequesting, though I did skip a lot of the dialogue (your classic "I'm much faster just reading the subtitles than listening to you"-behaviour). What you can expect of the game is an adventurous experience of once renowned RPG-artisans PiranhaBytes, intended to be a treat for those who loved Gothic I and II and were sorely disappointed by Gothic III. If you would like to relive some of those days, but do not want to go all the way back to Gothic, I would definitely recommend giving Risen a chance.
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