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Welcome to send me offer in SteamTrade or Barter, do not send me friend request unless we set an agreement.
Thank you.

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Just a Notice before you try to add friend to me
I'm very lazy...
If anyone has something important and needs to talk to me, please leave me a message here before you add me as your friend, unless you've left message in SteamTrade or Barter.

My only troll account is HERE , which is only used for dump card trading or consultation for specific issues, for people from SteamTrade or Barter, DO NOT trade with that account unless for cards. For people from SteamCN, consultation service is provided in that account.

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zombie Feb 16 @ 3:58pm 
Fint™ Dec 23, 2023 @ 9:40am 
HNY 2024:btlsnowflake::btlsnowflake::btlsnowflake::pinetree::pinetree::pinetree::Strawberry_cake::lemur_cola::SecretPresent::SecretPresent::SecretPresent::xmas_tree::xmas_tree::xmas_tree::nssnow::nssnow::nssnow::TZ3Tequila::TZ3Tequila::Prize::Prize:
Ozoftig Jun 19, 2021 @ 3:34pm 
Hello, I have a new game coming out soon. If you would like to playtest, I can give you a Steam key. :cuteness:
东北人在成都 May 15, 2020 @ 8:04pm 
more diao than you Apr 28, 2020 @ 7:32am 
树上有只猴爸爸 Mar 18, 2020 @ 6:22pm 
您好,我加您好友了 想买几十个KEY