Mr. Jacobs
Mr. Jacobs
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I love games. I love good games. I even love bad games; even if I want them to be better. I am an avid consumer of interactive art. I enjoy short walks on the beach and staring off into the night from rooftops. I know that one day, my gaming skills will be the skills that my city deserve, but not the ones the city needs.

I am available for help with English Localization and voice acting :P
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Mr. Jacobs Jul 20 @ 5:05am 
Yay! Thanks :D I love playing video games.
Zazzerka Junior Jul 20 @ 2:17am 
Love your vids
Ark Jun 22 @ 8:56am 
Found you by the tottaly mayhem game,it was free so yeah.It's pretty cool to see a teacher play games,my english teacher still plays nfs xD
Mr. Jacobs May 6 @ 5:49am 
Weird. Steam keeps doing random things to my account. Is it site wide?

There are a lot of rules for using commas. The best, and funniest, resource I have found for grammar is The Oatmeal ( but they don't have a section on commas.
MrL0G1C May 6 @ 5:17am 
And... when to use commas and when to use full stops? I have a bad habit of using commas instead of full stops. :hee:
MrL0G1C May 6 @ 5:16am 
Comments are disabled on your latest reviews. It's another stupid thing Valve did without telling anyone. It only affects recent reviews and new reviews.