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Once in a blue moon average weapon animator, 3D artist, boring person.
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The retired(?) gmod porting guy :gmod:. Ultra mega super gigantic warlord (real and true).

I like to do the 3d art thing every now and then, and make the funny lines of code do stuff

I spent 6K steam points on this idk what else to put here.

If you're here to talk ♥♥♥♥, you're pathetic :)

I DON'T accept random friend requests!
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V01DI3 Dec 31, 2023 @ 3:58am 
i saw your screenshots of stuff from D2 in s&box and i was wondering
"hey, thats pretty cool, but how the hell did he just seamlessly do this"
and then i realized its the GOAT of d2 weapon mods on the gmod workshop
mr. janitor Dec 29, 2023 @ 8:36am 
i'm a huge fan of all your destiny weapon mods, i was wondering if it's possible to implement stasis exotics like salvations grip, verglas curve, and agers scepter into the game?
vezuza Nov 1, 2023 @ 5:53pm 
Bro, your weapon addons from destiny are the best I've found in the steam workshop! this is probably unlikely, but it would be stunning to play with a weapon from the raid (Vow of the Disciple)!:steamthumbsup::cozycsgoctwhite:
Vuheli.77 Oct 31, 2023 @ 10:49am 
gmod d2 guns porter POG (this guy is probably tall and handsome)
Zoup Sep 3, 2023 @ 5:59pm 
makes the best destiny gun ports in gmod
Burningsun Jun 30, 2023 @ 4:00pm 
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