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Hello, there it's your favorite lad, Kai!

Let me tell you something about this guy named, Kai

:steammocking: Kai is a lad who has no interest in anybody unless they message me about something important or something that he would rather talk about. So get lost if you're about to send him links to a giveaway or a trade because you ain't getting any.

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Hey you cool cats and kittens, I just tried this new game called Crucible it's a "free"-to-play team-based PvPvE MOBA action shooter not driven by the choices you make but by how the developer would like to balance your uninspired designed hunters. Yes you cool cats and kittens lets get right into the basic.

What do I like about this game?

  • Abstract Theme (This isn't rating on the visuals, but the theme they are going for.)
  • Held-back Story (Games like Apex Legends do this, where story is told throughout your play.)
  • No Pay2Win mechanics. (Thankfully.)
  • Unique Upgrade Mechanic. (Based on what they were going for.)
  • PvPvE Mechanics. (The hive, the enemies are actual disrupters and not throw aways.)
  • The fact there is a cat in the game that I'm getting.

What don't I like about this game?

  • Overpriced cosmetics. (I believe that no cosmetic should cost over $10, even $5 is a stretch.)
  • Mediocre Graphics. (Usually when it comes to developers I don't care but then it's made by Amazon, no excuse.)
  • No communication. (Either you're trying to be very liberal to avoid toxicity, or-... well that's about it.)
  • Uninspired Hunters. (So we have Soldier 76 from Overwatch as Captain Mendoza, and many more stolen stuff.)
  • Hunter's Kits. (The sniper hunter has no flow with her abilities, this goes with every character except three.)
  • Time to Kill. (I like long time to kills, better than shot time to kills like CoD but this one, is way too long especially.)
  • No Counterplay. (Especially from time to kill, there is no reason to have a long Time to Kill if there is no counterplay.)
  • Art Visuals. (Underwhelming, I love the theme but the theme isn't completed to be abstract. I feel like it's 2011 PS3.)
  • Battle Pass. (Apex Legends does this very well, but this game you need tokens instead of skill to level up.)
  • Hunter's Design. (You know that mobile game called Raid? About the same bad character design.)
  • Unbalanced to Hell. (This game contains no meta either the hunter is the best or the worst.)
  • Bugs Galore. (If you crash and try to rejoin, the game will break entirely. That's something that should've been in alpha.)

Do I feel as if this game is going to have a stable playerbase in the future?

The answer is no, with it's current tagline, it's current microtransactions, and how they are approaching in graphics. Coming from a developer under Amazon Studios, remember one of the richest companies in the world and we have graphics from 2014. Unbelievable.

Now to defeat the excuse of it being in beta. I've played World of Warcraft betas and alphas for every expansion pack it requires a lot of demand and passion for the playerbase to make the developers to change their current bugs, balance, and graphics but I don't see that passion for the demand to happen therefore this game may not see the light of day. They are also attempting to pay people to play the game, not happening. Not in my zoo, I may have killed by husband but this game will not kill my pride for the next gen games.

That is basically it for me you cool cats and kittens, I'll see you in the next review, bye!
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