In the end it dosent even metter   Germany
Success is no luck
but only the result of blood, sweat, and tears

Pulse: in a life-threatening situation, the heart rate over 175 beats per minute on average nitz person rise. A well-trained enemy always remains very quiet, his heart rate is 70 to 100 beats. But when I am finished sings this number to 0

Kapkan: these soldiers believe their training keeps you alive. You break through doors and windows with drawn weapons, but it is too late, you have forgotten the first survival rule. A real hunter always fits on where he goes.

Glaz: Do you know what the artist and the sniper have in common? The attention to detail,for example, if a color does not fit into the picture, if not a shadow of the environment, or if a form is not where it should. The difference is only in the risk, Mine is bigger.

Hunters: They said it would be impossible, they said it would be developed for tanks, they said I couldn't make this small and Prez, you were wrong.

Bandit: In the past I was undercover, was sitting in jail, I DEALTE with drugs, I even had to kill and that I was so good that I was transported.

Ash: When I was little, my zavda with explains, silence is the most beautiful dress of the woman.

Ther mite: If you gasoline, metal oxide and metal powders are mixed in the right proportions, it burns at 2000 degrees Celsius, hot enough to get us through every known barrier. You can add a little C4, then you get a heavy mixture.

Twitch: If you have a few hours, I'll tell you in detail why this device is a masterpiece. Your transmissions from 0 to 20 km/h in under 4 seconds, 10 kilometers of cable, 1100 finely crafted hand-mounted components, perfect control on more than 300 meters, but everything what my team need to know is, does the thing or not, and I can assure you, it works.

Smoke: I know what you're wondering what is in the box, if I tell thee, do I have to kill you. Hahaha. I'm just kidding, relax. And what the container is concerned, I'd rather not.

Castle: Amateurs.

Doc: I know from experience that saves lives on the battlefield, not in the office. And sometimes you have to take a life to save a one.

Rook: I am confident that the ceramic protective plate, in my vest a 357he Magnum Ball with 490 meters per second. I am confident that I myself, not shrug. I trust my team-mates. And they trust me.
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My name is Panda and I'm 17 years old. I'm from Germany and I love to play all
kind of games but especially Action and FPS.

CPU: AMD A10-5800k 3,8 Ghz
RAM: 8GB Ram (idk the brand)
GPU: 1xMSI GeForce GTX 760 Ti

For The Glory
The Hunter

Uplay ID: Panda_0815
Origin ID: 0815_Panda
Battle Net ID: Panda0815#21524
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a First Person Shooter set in a comptetetive scene where two teams battle for an objective. It is a stand-alone follow-up to the famous Counter-Strike mod from Half-Life where terrorists battle the Counter-Terrorists on different locations.

Gameplay & Story: 6/10
The gameplay consists of buying weapons and shooting your opponents. Easier said than done actually, since your opponents are either human players sitting on the other side of the world wide web or some AI programmed to shoot you first. CS:GO is for a reason the biggest competetive shooter on the market for years, since it offers great weapon balance, tactical possibilities for teams to approach and a large player base that keeps growning each day. The story behind the game is based on the oldschool Counter-Strike game, where one side takes the approach as terrorists either trying to plant a bomb or protect the hostages and other being Counter-Terrorists either try to protect a bomb site or trying to rescue the hostages held at Terrorist base.

Combat & Challenge : 8/10
The combat is absolutely fluid in CS:GO and there are barely any moments, that you could blame the broken hitboxes or the bad netcode for dying. People tend to rage and blame the bad balance on maps, weapons or programming of the game, however the success of this title proves that it is the best competetive shooter on the market. The challenge in this game is definetely to be able to rise through the ranks in competetive matches, playing against hackers on opposite team or some players on your team that want to teach you some bad words in russian or french. I am always thankful for such opportunities to improve my language skills and consider it just a chance of becoming even better if I did not win the match no matter the team stacks. Reaching Global Elite rank after around 200 hours, I can safely say that it is possible to rise to the top even when the odds are stacking against you.

Graphic & Interface : 7/10
The graphic when set to higher settings is actually pretty good, sadly the competetive scene barely allows it since there are certain tricks like setting your resolution lower on purpose to be able to aim better, that crash the feeling of this game in graphical matters. Most of the maps contain some details that make them distinguishable, like certain grapphiti on some maps. The interface is kept simple and almost transparent so that it does not disturb the concentration.

Progress & Mini-Games : 8/10
It is possible to consider progress by rising up the account level that comes from simply playing CS:GO in any form, there are forms of rising up your ranking by playing competetive or gathering skins for the weapons you are using or want to sell. Some people actually make money by playing this game and selling the skins on the steam market, so different ways to progress in and outside of the game. The biggest progress for me was improving my hand-to-eye coordination by playing it competetively.

Audio & Immersion : 8/10
Each weapon sound is unique for itself, and since the sound plays a great role in this game it is really important to get to know the sounds and be able to distinguish where the shooting is coming from. CS:GO fulfills its task really well. The music is played only in menues and during the highlights. The game music is nothing special, but since you can get/buy music kits to fit your music taste, Valve found a good workaround for not creating amazing music by themselves.

This game offers single player, multiplayer and co-op modes that can be played either against other players or AI.
This game offers different modes, some of that are just for fun, for example gun mode, while others are played in E-Sports.
This game contains steam achievements.
This game offers great optimization and updates to technology with time (updating their network code, updating the hit boxes, balancing the weapons).

CS:GO has its reasons to be the Number One FPS in the ESL Scene and its popularity is currently only rising. It is great to see that it has not been abandoned by the developers after reaching its peak state, but still keeps getting updated. I would recommend trying CS:GO to every game, just to know what this game is that defines the global FPS market so much and while FPS fans might love it, some might well get turned off by the hardcore players or the cursing and spitting wanna-bes.

I hope this review helps you making the decision if its worth buying and installing this game. Rate and leave a comment if you enjoyed reading it.

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:bbbb::oooo::oooo:was here:hamster:
✪M4F Feb 3 @ 3:27pm 
+rep, cool guy and good cs player :steamhappy:
WuckyPlay Jan 27 @ 6:25am 

Knallt es laut auf A,
versteckt euch hinter CAR

Wenn sich etwas regt vor B,
verschiebet über SPAWN CT

Hockt der Feind gewitzt im VENT,
ein MOLOTOV ihn niederbrennt

Drückt der Gegner in den Kopf mit WENIG Stunden,
wurde wohl ein SMURF mit deinem Match verbunden

Wirst du durch die Wand geFRAGt,
wird im anderen Team GEHACKT

Zieht die GLOCK mal viel HP,
tut des Gamers FINGER weh

Schreit der Russe in sein "MIKROFON",
steigt bei mir die AGGRESSION
Grishnákh Jan 19 @ 7:39pm 
+rep he played well
-rep he told me I looked angry and didn't say thank you
Boldog Jan 19 @ 7:07pm 
-rep this guy trolled me to go ramp and then went yard
[PIG] timix Jan 11 @ 11:20am 
if you have any idea for the next CT audi responsive text me idk what to do next rofl
i can switch Terro or something idk you have the choice of the pose
i can animate too ( need to redownload vidéo edit )

tell me and when i post your idea you will be the first texted ;)