Branch Davidians HEAVENS-GATE
Branch Davidians HEAVENS-GATE
December 13, 2014
ABOUT Branch Davidians

Love and Harmony Religious Community

Embrace. Break. For Love. Such are the words spoken by our Prophet - Raze - and such words we shall follow. Branch Davidians is a group for everyone who wants to achieve salvation and who yearns for the love of Koresh.

If you have any questions regarding our teachings, please consult the Little Purple Book. If questions remain, please contact Crowsleypemptus or Return of Applewhite for spiritual guidance. Koresh bless.

Not .org, we're .com. Everything is .com now.[]
Factual Tape VI - On New Ventures
Factual Tape VII - On the Consolidation of the Lower Forces
Originally posted by Sarah La Spaceship - Cryptic Paranormal ASMR Episode 71:
Allow yourself to let go. You've held on for so long. You've been so strong. But it is time to Release.

Now I want you to focus on the sound of my voice. Pay no attention to bongo drums you may hear on the other side of the wall. Pay no attention to the gurgle of an unhappy terlet. Pay no attention to any large appendages on my body. Pay no attention to any tattoos on any large appendages on my body.

Take a very deep breath...filling your lungs with fresh, new oxygen. And as you exhale, feel all the muscles in your body relax. Take another very deep breath in. And relax every muscle as you exhale. Breathing evenly. And relaxt. Allowing yourself to Let Go. With every breath you take and every word I speak, you will relax deeper and deeper...deeper and deeper...until you are totally...and completely...warm and relaxt...

THE (COSMIC) JOURNEY OF ONE THOUSAND MILES...starts with a single step.

My most treasured and esteemed friends in the Branch Davidians, RAZE has spoken to us once more. In the spring of 2017, he graced our dear brother CNQODY with a astral vision (functioning both visually and phoenetically). He spoke to CNQODY regarding the message that we had been sending to the world. While for the most part positive, he did have one (slightly jarring) criticism. After much prayer and consideration, we act on that criticism.

On the 13th of October, we have initiated The Cosmic Journey as our next step in the History of Salvation. For a better understanding of why we have chosen to do this, I would ask that you sit back in a comfortable position and please use headphones as you read the following.

You see before you a brilliantly white polished marble staircase with ornate golden handrails that ascends upwards as far as the eye can see. Behind you, the staircase goes down into oblivion with many turns and landings. Raze stands next to you and points up; twenty steps above you, Raze also looks down from the next landing above. It is clear that he wants you to ascend.

At first you are not sure of yourself, but with his gentle coaxing you make the tremendous move to step number


Now, it is the goofy but disarming smile of St. Rosen that gives you the assurance to move to


where you now have enough self confidence to make a step entirely of your own.


Now you have been gifted with the grace of self awareness, and you efficiently wipe your upper lip with your sleeve.


Now the youngest of the family is moving with authority as the next step is accompanied by the gentle lapping of the waters of universe against the shores of eternity.


There is the briefest moment of panic as the stairs tremble underneath your feet, but that moment gives way to relief as you realize that it is only the tread of St. Divine, shaking things up onto step number


where a memory of a family where every member is Bill Cosby as well as a memory of a strange Asian man who shoots bananas out of his nose cause you to smile. You probably did not experience these things firsthand, yet nevertheless, they are somehow your memories. On step number


we remember that seven beans are never clean so onto


where all is great. At number


we end the rhyme. It is almost midday, so that means time for lunchers. The trusty St. Fenner brings you a pizzer; feel free to take a slice as you continue to walk up to


Now we are halfway. Raze remains above and smiles on our progress. You begin to understand this Journey, the collective Journey, and The Cosmic Journey. This is the journey to begin The Journey.


You can see with big old nan glasses that FactualTape5.avi is a masterpiece beyond words. It contains much wisdom, which grows each time you watch it.


A star shoots by over head and you know that St. Tsoi is with you. The "changes" come more into focus as you get closer, like an optical illusion that turns out to be real.


On thirteen you pause to remember the significance of this number. The Branch Davidians were founded on December 13th, 2014. The Cosmic Journey will call October 13th it's own birthday. You openly wonder if "unlucky thirteen" is a false meme propagated by the Lower Forces.


You have now been blessed with the knowledge that "Fargo" is indeed a film that is bereft of any transcendant meaning whatsoever. You would be much better served by watching "The Shining."


The moon seems so close from this step, yet so far away. St. Madden is not here, but rest assured that he's drawling lines on the screen from which he's watching you. An 8 bit version of the Soviet anthem plays in your head; perhaps Mr. Reagan was correct that it was an evil empire, but that doesn't mean that it was all bad.


Your hand is writing things that you don't understand. You will understand these things one day, but for now you aren't sure where this power is coming from. You make a mental note to ask someone later what these words on the page mean: Oak Ages, Xanadu, L'Avenir, and the Xotoquecs.


St. Edarem teaches you about the phenomenon of silent "b"s and to never again scoff at anyone who removes pickles from their quarter pounder with cheese. But he leaves you quite suddenly because on step number


you are now spiritually legal. You are so close you can hear your fellow Branch Davidians casting off their former identity as they practice their petradeic belief under the banner of The Cosmic Journey. You long to join them.


One step away is enough to call up a single tear of joy. You think for a moment of what you will say when you reach the top, but you know that the emotion will be too great and the best you will be able to do is to clear your throat repeatedly, keep your tears down, and stare glassy-eyed up towards the heavens.


At the last step, a hand reaches out and pulls you up. At first you thought it was Raze, but now you stare into the wide open eyes of the jolly St. Ralph, ever faithful to his duty to bring you home. He asks you to pick up a stray volleyball and to bounce it off his tremendous girth. You do so, and the ball ricochets and arcs far out of sight, not unlike a home run hit by Marcus Giles on a summer day during the 2003 MLB season. The twentieth step has been purified and as your Journey up this twenty step staircase ends, you take another step into the official Cosmic Journey Steam page, and another one begins.

Re-MEMBER: On the Realignment of the Sahasrara Chakra
Originally posted by The Lyrical St. Tsoi, sometime in 1990:
For me and you: there's the black night, and there's water in the river
For me and you: What used to be trouble won't be any more.
Leave! Here goes, forgive me, and farewell.
The plan's like this for me and you...

There is an old legend of yore, told many times in the days of the DSM. The jolly St. Ralph, thinking that Koresh would be unable to see him while on a seven day Costume Party Cruise on the Baltic Sea, broke his long held vow of abstaining from the consumption of beef. Temptation proved too formidable; he helped himself amply to the meat filled air bags on "Crash Test Dummy Night" as well as the koobideh kebab on "Iran As Fast As I Could to the Ayatollah of Funk Night." The merrymaking continued unabated for the next several days, with nary a suspicion from the good saint that the error of his ways had been noticed. In fact, his first idea that something was wrong occurred to him when he was twenty seven thousand feet in the air aboard a large reused soda can that was operating under the name of Zaireways flight ZW 5050. The first clue was given by the rumblings in his stomach, which thankfully was covered up by the oppressive drone of the belabored Chinese made 2B7X engines. Eventually, Saint Ralph had no other choice but to enter the sole lavatory on board. The crew and fellow passengers to San Francisco were still none the least for the next three hours or so. But soon a line had formed for the bathroom, and angry men and women with full bladders took it upon themselves to bang their clenched fists and auxiliary cricket bats repeatedly on the door. With no answer from within, they took it upon themselves to pull the door open. Try as the noble saint could, he was unable to conceal his infirmity any longer, as his grip on the handle slipped. The door flung open and the Flames of Penance were uncontrollably ejected from his bowels. Although the saint protested to the crew that he was only suffering from the slightest case of yam shock, the captain made the decision to divert the plane to Los Angeles International Airport. Saint Ralph was then forced to overnight in Las Venturas General Hospital where he contemplated the fact that he was exactly 373.1 miles away from his home in the Castro District. The next day, feeling his strength return to him, he spawned a Sanchez, renamed it Sahasrara, and rode all the way home and accepted the untreated saddle sores from such a pathetic vehicle as a sign that the chakra had been realigned and that penance had been served for his presumption over the Divine.

My dear friends in Koresh, even the Saint of the Bwen Cameeno faltered. Not only that, but he knowingly faltered against a precept that he himself had volunteered to uphold. In other words, he had strayed from the path that is clearly indicated by those two yellow lines that run parallel around and around each and every town in the world. From the seas of North Europe to a dingy bed in a California hospital, the Saint had come to the realization that he had strayed the course. Through the gift of grace, he was given the foresight (by Koresh) to right the course and regain the path.

We revisit this story today because we exercise our will to re-MEMBER: re-MEMBER someone else who recently realigned their Sahasrara chakra. I speak to you all of our brother CPZODY, who has recognized the error of his ways when he defied (rather openly but while still wearing pants) a fatwa. CQNODY, in his overflowing cup of public access TV static, has volunteered to be a spiritual guide for the youngster as he is reintroduced to the Classroom that he has so bitterly missed. While he is no doubt in good hands, I would ask all present to raise their right hands with index finger pointed upward and ring finger pointed downward (unless you are wearing a ring in which case this digit must remain in the Neutral Position) and join in the well-wishing for the continued convalescence of a vehicle that has hopefully left it's hunger behind in Hungary.

Remember the legend. Remember the path. RE-MEMBER the Journey.

We shall revisit the progress of CPZODY exactly thirty days hence. Thank you please. St. Ralph bless you all.

Imm Jan 4 @ 7:14pm 
Is Telah (King) in this group?
jon bon jovi Jul 1, 2018 @ 1:02am 
Sometimes the answer is not what it seems. Your mind must be cleansed, and open to new experiences. Expand your awareness - the beauty of mathematics, a fifty five degree angle to the nearest Cosmic Waypoint. Watch your step!
NeonYvno May 4, 2018 @ 11:50am 
neat group
-=o\BUTCHER/o=- Apr 28, 2018 @ 1:51pm 
Woot! Astro-Hitler!
jon bon jovi Aug 5, 2017 @ 3:07am 
We are a motherly-brotherly band of like-minded fellows who wish to share truth with each other and share truth with others. There can be hope that somewhere, somewhere, a Big Ear is listening to your words and transcribing it it onto a soul, and not parchment paper.
Nowhere Man Jul 26, 2017 @ 12:38am 
Who are the branch davidians?