Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
8 април 2012
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The Server Rules
Before starting the rules, I want to say that all of you should have read them. If someone asks something that is written here, we will point them to the forum. If that happens a few more times and they ignore our guidance, we will ban that player. If players are ignoring the rules, no matter if they know them or not, they will face the consequences. This is a serious server with a few easy rules, and we want serious players, not idiots. So do us a favor and follow the rules.

The Rules...

  • Don't do anything that could be considered cheating, examples: glitch usage, modded clients, picking up or keeping items dropped by cheaters, sneaking items in from outside the server, using inventory edits to alter your inventory content etc.
  • No griefing, it doesn't matter if the structure is protected or not. Also, griefing the dungeon entrance or flooding it's interior, destroying large pieces of terrain, draining oceans and sky lakes, or flooding hell is griefing too! Also, no large sky bridges please. This also includes taking from unprotected chests, without the owner's approval.
  • Earn your gear legitimately, do not leech from other players boss fights, this will result in an inventory wipe. Note to endgame players: Assistance is fine, but don't carry players by giving them items that are outside of their progress in the game.
  • Read the AFK Farming rules here
  • Players should not prevent other players from playing - this includes killing them out of PVP, blocking them in any way or intentionally stealing their stuff.
  • Stay polite: don't overdo swearing, don't insult others, don't beg for items or help, don't spam the chat or annoy others, using strong swear words is entirely forbidden. Remember that we are a family-friendly server.
  • Chat in English only, you can however use another language in private chats by joining a team and using the /p or /w command.
  • Anyone who gives any new players Hardmode gear will be punished. We could easily mistake the appearance of the item for cheating. Players need to earn their status as hardmode themselves before they are allowed to use hardmode items.
  • Players who possess items which does not qualify for their playtime will have their items confiscated and or banned. Players who refuse to cooperate shall be banned for both possessing said items and refusal to cooperate. We're especially strict with players not being hardmode (have not defeated the Wall of Flesh) but who possess hardmode items.
  • Always follow the orders of staff members, we are here for your benefit.
  • Do not ask how to become a mod or an admin. If we think you fit our requirements, we will contact you.
  • Advertising for another server will result in an instant ban.
  • There might be more specific rules in some areas, they will be written down on signs at the related places.
  • In order to participate in a Lunar or qualify for Post-Moonlord items in the Apocalypse you need to have 500hp, defeated Golem, and now you must possess Beetle Armor. You do not have to use it, but you have to make it in order to be eligible for a Lunar Event.
  • Loopholes are not taken lightly- attempting to work around the rules may give you a more serious punishment, especially with repeated offenses.

Also Take Note About This
  • After being offline for 6 months, all your accounts will be removed. Playing with at least only one account keeps all your characters alive. Note that VIP characters will never be removed though.
  • Any structure which is not part of our server (such as the spawn area or the npc hotel) will be gone after the world resets. You can however save your house to take it with you when the world reset happens.
  • You can protect your house, in order to prevent griefing. You can also set a pivot on it to get it saved during world resets. Look here for further information.
  • On world resets you'll keep your inventory and bank chest contents only, the contents of non-bank chests will be gone!
  • Inventory is ServerSided (any item should and must be obtained on the server, not outside of it).
  • Hardmode is enabled from thursday, till World Reset. Check for the ETA.
  • World resets every week. Check for the ETA.
  • Items may disappear when placed in a protected area, being a TShock fault we cannot resolve this issue.
  • Chests are automatically protected on placement.
  • You can see all banned items on the website after logging in.

  • The left ocean has been protected due to increasing cases of draining. The right ocean will remain unprotected for now so you can still access items from the ocean. Note that draining of the right ocean will be severly punished or lead to getting both oceans protected.
  • The Lihzahrd Temple will get deprotected when hardmode hits.

  • Old worlds can be downloaded here[].
  • Donators become VIPs forever. Also, if you do things in favor to the server, you might get free VIP status for a limited time.
  • For information regarding help and/or wanting to contact staff quickly, read this.
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