Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
April 8, 2012
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VIP Information
To any player who donates 5€ or more will be added to our VIP list. A VIP is a player that has been given special permissions to help the server out even more.

We had to set a minimum to prevent players from abusing the permissions, but we are thankful for lower donations, too!
You can see all the donation methods on the donation website.

Please read the rules.

Excessive abuse of VIP powers will result in removal of VIP status regardless of donation.

It is much easier and faster if you type in your in-game nick in the input field on PayPal.

Otherwise, tell an admin your real name or the e-mail address, so that we're able to map your ingame character to the PayPal-Donation! Without it we cannot recognize who donated.

Be sure to be logged in with your ingame nick and password on the website.
You can always upgrade your donation later for higher ranks and more privileges.

If you didn't notice yet, old VIPs (before the implementation of the Skylands) were automatically promoted to VIP+. If you were one of these people and wish to become a VIP++ then you will need to donate 10€ (or however much you need to reach 15€).

VIP 5€
  • /tpa [player]
    • Sends a teleport request to that player

  • /tpahere [player]
    • Sends a teleport-here request to that player

  • /recipe [item]
    • Shows you the ingredients and crafting stations required to craft the given item.

  • /home
    • Works the same way as Magic Mirror does, but as a command.

  • /clan create
      Vips can create clans

  • VIPs can have up to 10 bank chests and have 15% discount on their permanent house.

  • VIPs are allowed to use special teleporters at spawn to warp them to several places in the world.

  • VIPs can wire some special statues with customized actions. Note that you have to wire the statue by using an advanced circuit, it will not work otherwise. If you don't know advanced circuits, ask a staff member to explain it to you.

  • All VIP characters won't be deleted after 6 months of inactivity.

VIP+ 10€
  • /Buffs
    • Buffs you Shine, Night Owl
    • 10 minutes cooldown

  • /grow
    • Grows several types plants or even a whole forest at the location where you are standing at.

  • A VIP+ can have up to 20 bank chests and have 30% discount on their permanent house.

  • A VIP+ can define trade chests for free.

VIP++ 15€
  • /Buffs+
    • Shine, Night Owl, Swiftness, Water Walking, Obsidian Skin, Hunter
    • 5 minute cooldown

  • /sethome and /myhome
    • Set your own personal warp and teleport to it.

  • Blocks-Kits for Building; All With One Day Cooldown
    • 36 kits available! use /buildkits for a list

  • VIP++s can have up to 30 bank chests and have 50% discount on their permanent house. Aswell as a discount of 75% on permanent buffs.

SuperVIP 5€/monthly (after becoming VIP++)
  • /Buffs++
    • Shine, Night Owl, Swiftness, Water Walking, Obsidian Skin, Hunter, Regeneration, Ironskin, Mana Regeneration
    • 5 minutes cooldown

  • Show a custom message when you join or leave the server.
    • /greet
    • /leave

  • Set your own prefix and color!
    • /setmyprefix <prefix>
    • /setmycolor <rrr,ggg,bbb>

  • /sethome and /myhome
    • Set up to three personal warps and teleport to them!

  • Random weekly gifts (refill chest at spawn)

  • Super VIPs can have unlimited bank chests and don't have to pay anything for their permanent house.

  • Note: Restrictions apply to Custom prefixes: No "Staff-like" prefixes, max. 10 characters in length
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