Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
April 8, 2012
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Beginners Guide
Connecting for the first time
Reading the rules
Of course...the boring, long, tedious rules...
Take a look at them though, they're rather quite short and simple.
Staff members will love if you take note of them!

Clean Inventory
We are using a plugin called Server Sided Characters (SSC). This means that your inventory is saved on our server database separately.
You will have separate inventories on your Singleplayer worlds and our Server.

Everyone needs to register at least once!
This step is necessary to make sure the server recognizes who you are every time you join.
To register, simply type in chat the register command followed by a chosen password of your own.
/register h67WA826
If you've done this once and an error message has not appeared, you do not need to do it again.

So, say you've done the register process you will now need to login. To login you will need to type in the login command followed by the password you just registered with.
/login h67WA826
Every time you connect to the server, you will have to log in first in order to play.
You should be able to play directly after logging in.

Weekly Events
Hardmode is enabled between Thursday and the time of World Reset only.
You can freely spawn and kill the Wall of Flesh, but Hardmode will not activate outside of the above times.
Check out the Hardmode time on the Website[].

World Reset
The World Reset happens every Saturday with an awesome apocalypse.
This means that the staff are preparing a new world with the Ark.
It takes some time and during world preparation the server is locked with a password or unavailable.
Staff will tell you in Chat[] when it is done and you can join.
Check out the World Reset time on the Website[].

After World Reset everything outside the Ark, the hotel will disappear, including your chests. The exception to this is the content in your bankchests and perma houses. Be aware that physical chests will be removed along with everything inside them.
Type /bchest help in chat to learn how to utilize bankchests.
Here is some more info about the Ark, Hotel, Plots and Apartments.

Other useful information
We wrote a reference post how to use the commands ingame. Check them out if you don't know how to use commands.

Helping the server out
The best thing you can do to support us is to donate. The server is free for everyone, but we have monthly fees to pay.
Of course there are other ways to help too, like voting for our server on server lists[], or helping out new players without handing them powerful gear.
These aren't compulsory, just something we would appreciate you doing!

How to contact staff members
There are several ways to contact staff members.
Through the forum, directly in-game or in chat (IRC).
But the best method is very well explained here.

Get a pet
You can get a pet bunny by typing the command /bunny into chat \(*^*)/
Other pet spawning items can be obtained ingame.

Get more information
We have written dozen of things on our website[] and forum to clarify and explain everything about the server so you have all the information you need at your fingertips to enjoy everything this server offers!
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