Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
April 8, 2012
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Plugin How-Tos
Alright, here's a rather basic guide for several plugins on the server. Give this a read, it'll be helpful.
It'll cover Protector, TeleportRequest, House Regions and Message Plugin, along with the brand-new Report plugin!

Protector is a plugin to allow you to, as it's name says, protect your chests and other place-able furniture on the server.
  • /protector- This is the main node, it has two sub-nodes.
  • /protector help - This is a short two page guide about the plugin.
  • /protector commands - Lists down the command available under Protector./protect (Alias: /p) -Protects an unprotected item/furniture. Feel free to try and protect blocks, the command will return a result at to it being successful or not. If you don't see anything, it's lagging, wait a bit for response. Some items are auto-protected on placement, there's not need to manually use /protect on them.
    [They are: Iron/Lead Anvils, all types of Chests, Piggy Bank & Safe (these two are disabled, we have bank chests instead), Signs, Hellforges, all types of Beds, Looms, Cooking Pots, all types of Statues, Sawmills, Tinkerer's Workshops, Levers, Adamantite/Titanium Forges, Mythril/Orichalcum Anvils, Switches, Music Boxes, Pumps, 1/3/5 Second Timers, all types of Fountains, normal/Bunny Cannons, Snowball Launchers, Blend-O-Matics, Meat Grinders, Extractinators, Solidifiers, Dye Vats, Teleporters, all types of Trophies, Imbuing Stations, Bubble Machines, Autohammers, Heavy Work Benches, Bone Welders, Flesh Cloning Vats, Glass Kilns, Lihzahrd Furnaces, Living Looms, Sky Mills, Ice Machines, Steampunk Boilers, Honey Dispensers, Text Statues and Firework Fountains.]
  • /deprotect (Alias: /dp) - Removes protection from an item that has a protection applied on it, please note that the protection has to have been applied specifically to your character, not merely shared access to.
  • /protection info (Alias: /pi) - Shows you info on the protection status of an item, please note that you're only able to use it on items that you have protected / have been shared with. Using it on items protected by others without it being shared with you will result in it showing a error message.
  • /share {playername} - Shares access with the player specified a single item, which you click on after executing the command. Item has to be protected.
  • /unshare {playername} - Removes access of the player specified of that item the command is used on. Again, item has to be protected.
  • /sharepublic - Shares a single chest with the public. Click on the chest after executing the command./unsharepublic - Removes the public's access to the chest in question. Click on the chest after executing the command.
    Additional Information: "+p" activates persistent mode of a command, so that it can be used several times in a row. Persistent mode will either deactivate by the command timing out or if any other Protector command is executed.
    To get more information about a command, type / help ingame.

[Bankchest Allocations: Normal Player (5 chests), VIP (10 chests), VIP+ (20 chests), VIP++ (30 chests), SuperVIP (Unlimited chests)]
/bankchest {bankchest number] (Alias: /bchest {number}) - Changes an empty chest owned by the character into a bankchest. This grants you access to a standard chest storage, with the unique feature that the contents can be 'brought' with you. The bankchest is able to be destroyed with items inside, when an empty chest is placed down and the command with the same {bankchest number} used on it, you will once again be able to access the contents of that particular bankchest. In short, a slightly more complicated (but you have more slots amongst all 5 initial bankchests you can access) version of the piggy bank and/or safe. [Example: [i]"/bchest 4"[/i] would open up your forth bankchest.]

Teleport Request
Allows for teleportation between players, once the request is accepted by the recipient. Sending of teleport requests is restricted to VIPs and above, but all players are able to accept teleport requests.
  • /tpa {playername} - Sends a teleport request to the recipient, which can be accepted/denied. Only executable by rank VIP and above. Request lasts for 5 seconds, then it is automatically denied.
  • /tpahere {playername} - Sends a teleport request for the recipient to teleport over to your current location, can be accepted/denied. Same, only executable by VIP and above.
  • /tpaccept (Alias: /ta) - Accepts a teleport request from another player, either teleports that player over or you to that players location (depends on the request). Executable by all players, and teleportation to/fro commences immediately on entry of this command.
  • /tpdeny (Alias:/td) - Denies a teleport request from another player. Executable by all players.

House Regions
House Regions is our land protection plugin, to allow you to claim regions for your personal usage and to prevent grief, in which other players are unable to alter tiles inside the area. You are able to share the region with others and allow them to build inside.
  • /house (Alias: /housing) - This is the main node, it has two sub-nodes.
  • /house help - Shows a short guide about using the plugin, do /house help (pagenumber) for the next page.
  • /house commands - Lists down the commands available under the plugin.
  • /house summary - Shows the number of houses set-up by the playerbase. Number is indicated in the brackets next to a player's name.
  • /house scan (Alias: /hs) - Scans the area for houses regions already established, you are required to hold a wire or other wiring object. It shows a wire outline of any current established house regions.
  • /house info - Shows some information about the house region you character is currently in, please note that you have to be within the region boundaries to have information on it.
  • /house define - Use this command to set up a house region. Using a block or a wiring tool, firstly mark out the upper left block of the region, then the bottom right block, according to the instructions shown after initial execution of the command. Confirmation will be shown once done. Regions cannot overlap one another, so you'll have to check with /hs that the area is unprotected before trying to do so.
  • /house resize [up|down|left|right] {number of blocks} - Alters the region by the specified number of blocks in that specific direction. Use it while in a currently existing region created by your character. Command is a bit tricky, make sure to check after any alterations with /hs such that you confirm that any changes done are satisfactory. Example: "/house resize down 4" would extend the region by 4 blocks downwards]
  • /house share {playername} - Shares the region your character is currently in with the specified player. Check using /house info after any changes to confirm.
  • /house unshare {playername} - Rather self-explanatory, this command removes the specified player from the house you are currently in. Once again, make sure to check using /house info when in the region to ensure player has been successfully removed.
  • /house pivot - Sets the pivot point of the house, this allows it to be transfered to the next world. See Permanent Houses for details.
  • /house paste - Use this to paste your house in the next world. Can only be used once per world. See Permanent Houses for details.
  • /house delete - Deletes the house region you are currently in, be careful when using this command. Command only works on regions established by your character, not regions shared with your character.

Report Plugin
Here's a nifty little plugin to use when you encounter hackers, glitches and other cheating players and want to report them! Accurate reports will be rewarded with hearts on a case-by-case basis, as a thank you to players who help us administer the rules.

    /report {target player name} {Reason for report} - The command sends a report to the staff, who will then follow up on and deal with the issue. Please elaborate on the reason for reporting said player in detail, such that we have more information to deal with the problem. You have our sincerest thanks for your assistance with such! :) Note: the player's name must be capitalized correctly, such that tomato is invalid for a player by the name of Tomato. Just, make sure to copy the caps. Second Note: If the location of the rule breakage matters, please stand near/at the location before executing the command, as it'll also send us the coordinates.Example of a report: /report Tomato This guy is hacking, he's running around with spectre gear and he's a brand new player!
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