Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
April 8, 2012
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Hati Nov 12, 2017 @ 11:21am
Farms and AFK Farming Rules
New Farms and AFK Faming Rules

Due to the crashes that occured on the server as a result of constant AFK farming we decided to implement new rules to prevent such incidents from happening again.

AFK Farming Rules
Players are no longer allowed to be completely AFK while farming, being active on discord is required. Answering when being called by an admin/mod, chatting, etc counts towards being "actve on discord".

Farm Rules
  • The number of statues players can have inside their farms has been limited to 15.
  • A player that wants to use a farm that isn't his own must first ask permisson from the owner of the farm in order to use it.
  • Players must make sure their farms have been turned off when they logout or when they no longer need them. Make sure it won't turn on by accident while you are gone.
  • Only timers are allowed in farms, things like rail or target dummies circutis, are forbidden.
More rules might be added later on if needed.

Breaking any rule of the above will lead to ban, constat breaking of these rules will result in permanent character ban.

If you made it this far know that we'll be using a password in order to determine who read the rules and who didn't. The password is "photosynthesis", whenever we ask you for the "Farm password", use this one. Make sure you don't tell anyone else the password, that is to make sure players actually read the rules, if you do, you'll be punished.
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