Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
Adventure Terraria Server Project A.T.S.P.
April 8, 2012
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Terion Sep 26, 2015 @ 3:28am
Staff Rank Overview
This is a short overview of the staff ranks we have and what they (should) be doing. We don't give those powers to make certain people feel mighty and powerful, we do it so they can staff the server as they like and should.

The highest rank. Well that's Yama and he's the primary leader here, he's managing (rarely moderating) the website, serverlists, steam groups, server software, donations and executives. Has of course direct root access to the server machine.

Executives (a.k.a. Super Admins)
They have limited direct access to the server machine. They can restart / shutdown the server, install and update plugins and modify their configuration files, make and restore backups, upload / download worlds and access the server's databases. Executives do usually develop new plugins or modify the current ones aswell as upgrading the server to the recent Terraria software along with the plugins.
They might also organize large scale events or introduce new major features to the server. They have the power of veto, if it is to be decided who might become a new mod or admin. They aren't usually ingame that much and don't bother much with moderation (like enforcing the rules on players). They have their eyes rather on the other staff members than on the actual players. They can command Admins and Mods to do certain tasks.

They have access to almost every ingame command and do also actively moderate the server by enforcing server rules strictly on the players. They'd also plan and organize events and build ingame stuff (that's why they have full WorldEdit access) to improve the player experience. They can fix large scale griefing, can transfer regions between worlds, spawn mobs and bosses, spawn any item, manage invasions and protections and many other things. They're also enforcing staff rules on Mods. They can command Mods to do certain tasks.

Moderators (also called "newadmin" because that's the name of their internal user group)
They have limited access to ingame staff commands and their primary duty is to moderate the server by enforcing server rules. To do this they can lookup certain user information and inventories. They'd also fix griefed structures / terrain and can add and modify protected regions and freely tp and warp around. If players have a problem with something, Mods should usually be the first contact. If a Mod can't handle a certain problem, they'll delegate it or the player to an Admin oder Executive. Furthermore Mods are allowed to command players to do certain things if it helps to enforce the rules.

And remember: You don't become staff by applying for it - you're chosen.
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